Community Initiative: Aragon Cooperative 🙌

Hey everyone, just read the thread so I’m late to the party! As I’m just getting started in really knowing Aragon my contribution will remain high level and maybe not technically sound.

My main feeling is that the Cooperative and the Bounty DAO should work closely together or even be a single app. This would be a great place for community members and contributors to meet, interact and grow.

As a community member, I have been learning about Aragon through different platforms: Aragon chat, forum, Github, Reddit, Twitter etc… overall the breadth of knowledge and "contact surface” with the project is quite large. This works well for motivated people with long term goals but is less appealing to the average community member who may want to do a smaller more punctual contribution.

In this regard, the Cooperative+Bounty DAO app would be the go-to place for community members to get their hands dirty on concrete focused bounty tasks/votes/discussions.

In the short term, I think the Cooperative outlined by @lkngtn is a great start. In the medium term maybe it makes sense to build a dedicated Cooperative+bounty DAO app. On the app community members could access their personal dashboard which would include features: community chat, voting & surveys, open bounty proposals, ongoing proposals, list of active members…

Here too I agree with these settings for launching the cooperative experiment quickly. For the longer term, however, shouldn’t it be easier to be ‘part’ of the community and get a “read access” to the Cooperative? In this case, committees and membership approval mechanisms would be used only later, to grant additional rights to people that are already members of the cooperative.

Eventually, the Cooperative+Bounty DAO may have a role to play as a point of contact for community members and contributors. This would help increase involvement, contributions and participation in the network’s governance process.

Overall super excited to see an Aragon Cooperative soon and to help make it happen if needed!


Totally, I could see having for example a Survey app tied to ANT accessible within the organization, and “members” of the cooperative could create survey questions to engage with ANT holders.

It’s worth noting that all organizations are inherently completely transparent, so read access for everyone is unavoidable.

:100::100::100: This is my main motivation for pursuing this initiative.


Super interesting thread ! thanks all
My humble view, as part of the 99.8% mass who follow and don’t vote. I deliberately delegated my vote to the wise people who are involved enough to have informed opinions. I don’t see a problem with that and I would not support a solution for a non existing problem (aka a problem that I don’t understand).
Decentralization <> Democracy. A self inflicted Despotism is cool too, if it is decentralized

looong post… nice idea
I’m just gonna signal my support by saying let’s DAOnce! the DAO :sweat_smile::wink:


I’ve been focusing on land acquisition and wondered.

It seems like a DAO could issue a coin backed by land
then sell those coins to fund the purchase of that land.

I mean, who wouldn’t buy a coin backed by, say 1 sq_ft?

That’s $43,560 per acre if sold at $1 per coin.

Please have a look and comment Aragon Coop DAO - A Minimun Viable Manifesto (MVM)

A voting system without voting (because as long as a voting system involves votes, it cannot be fair):

  1. Anyone who has a project proposal just starts working on it

  2. Anyone can view any project

  3. Anyone can “vote” for a proposal by joining it and contributing crypto/work/ideas/moral support

So it’s

  1. Github but with no PRs, just forks by anyone

  2. How the Apache Software Foundation works ( but with a blockchain

  3. A blockchain but people contribute from their individual wallets/Githubs/chat IDs into project wallets/Githubs/chats.


Sybil resistance is not needed ^^

  1. People who create Sybil accounts don’t have any reputation/credentials.

  2. They would have to use a different crypto wallet each time they fund a proposal or else be tracked.

  3. People should be allowed to create new accounts if they would rather start over with 0 reputation.

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Has this DAO being created? Is the Cooperative already running? Is Keybase a hard requirement, or can one join with a PGP keypair? Thank you.

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Hi Liri,

Yes, the Cooperative DAO exists on mainnet.
(you can see the results of our signalling voting from the last AGP round - click on ‘voting’ section)
It is perhaps not yet what we would consider to be up and properly running but it is certainly starting to take some sturdy baby steps.

Currently membership is via Keybase and Github, though we are aware this situation is perhaps not optimal - we also communicate as a group on Keybase - current membership is around 30’ish people.

After an initial flurry of excitement a couple of months ago, the coop has been a little quiet lately - we intend to change that over the next few months. Personally I think we have an important role to play - not only within the Aragon ecosystem but more widely as an active example to and across the ‘crypto-sphere’, that a human-centric approach to DAO governance is not an oxymoron.

We’re also interested in expanding cooperativism: this is very much a Cooperative DAO; and no one knows what they are as of yet - we get to find out (& perhaps fail but so what, even that would be useful in terms of knowledge, regarding contemporary approaches to governance).

But that’s what makes it interesting, we all have our own reasons and desires to take part and actively make this work.


Hi, @lkngtn I’m very much looking forward to joining the Coop. I tried following instructions from the original post the same day it has been posted Aragon Cooperative Membership Thread

But I couldn’t get the verification through Keybase working. I think it was a technical issue on my end that I wasn’t able to solve with my limited technical experience. I was looking for someone at Aracon in Berlin to help me set it up but missed the opportunity due to a busy conference.

Can you please advise me on how I can join now? Hope it’s still open and possible. Thanks a lot!

yep, keybase is not very straight forward for non technical people.

In my case, I installed it in an android or IOS device, and then using the web interface to sign messages should not be that hard.

Have you trying doing that already?

No, I didn’t. Let me try that then. Will get back to you.

I get this message when I access Keybase on the web:

“markoprljic, you’re not hosting your private key in Keybase’s encrypted key store, so you can’t use the in-browser signing script. You can still verify messages, of course.”

Now what? I think I messed up something a year ago or so when I reinstalled Keybase app on my mac, not sure.

And the thing is when I use command line I can’t get the output message as everyone else posting here on this thread, it’s missing the SIGNED part from the “-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----” i only get -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----

When using the command line you need to use the following flags keybase pgp sign -c -m "message"

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Yeah I did that but no luck :frowning: Had some help from Gustavo as well via DM, again no luck. I’m probably having some weird issue that I can’t figure out and I recall spending hours on this earlier and today again :frowning:

Sorry to hear of problems @markoprljic.
The onboarding process is one of the (several:) things we’re now focussing some attention on. I still think it’s going to be end of this month before we’ve got anything firm.

Maybe good at the moment to join us on keybase chat and get a feel for the community

Are you saying keybase isn’t working for you at all atm?

We could move this to the chat site, maybe easier to talk, more ‘live’ :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. Keybase IS working but I can’t get the signed pgp message generated.

anyhow! please join us on the keybase chat! look the group for aragoncoop