Community Experience Squad Season 1 Request for Funding

1/3 approved, thank you

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2/3 Approved cc @Ricktik6


Thank you, Shawn! 3/3

Can you please clarify the flexible, bounty, and coordinape rewards? Looking at the original proposal there are static and dynamic and the categories now are somewhat different.

Would it be possible to get some insight into these new Discord members - who are they and why are they in DIscord…get some insight into the audience

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Yes, so static rewards are rewards for core contributors that do not change each month. This reward is then split 75 percent guaranteed and the other 25 percent through the results of a team coordinape. We implemented the coordinape simply to get the team used to this process.

The dynamic rewards are rewards that change every month (i.e. bounties or one off payments)

Apologies for the lack of clarity on this.

@lee0007 @daniel-ospina @fartunov

Community Experience End of Season Report

Initial Funding

  • Deliverable Funding $56,000
  • Bounty Funding of $16,000

Final Expenditure

  • $56,000 Deliverable funds spent
  • $6950 Bounty funds spent with 9 bounties
  • Total: $62950 spent of $72,000 – with an excess of $9,050

Original Deliverables

  • Build and maintain an onboarding process rated on average 8/10 by participants- Complete with an Average of 8/10Continuous

  • Create a schedule for the Community Experience Team so the Discord has coverage 6 days a week ~20 hours per day for greeting and new member orientation - CompleteMay 6th

  • Increase community retention from 15% to 20% by the end of Season 1 – Complete at 28% - July 25th

  • Create a funnel for DAOs who need assistance (DAO Experts) – CompleteJuly 1st

  • 8 community-based events per month – Complete- Continuous

  • Catapult upkeep- Complete- Continuous

Additional Deliverables

  • Upkeep of the AN DAO Handbook

Deliverables/Initiatives Not Executed

  • Bi-Monthly Core Team/Contributor Get Together- The Placeholder proposal and subsequent change in the time frame of progressive decentralization made this difficult/unrealistic. - TBD


  • AMA Coordination (Monthly-April, May, June, July)- Temitope- Complete
  • Flyer Creation (Monthly- April, May) - IsraelRex – Complete
  • Self Care With Fabs Session (Monthly- April, May, June, July)- Fabs- Complete

As requested, here is the End of Season Report for Community Experience. We are submitting this early in order to post the S2/S3 Proposal for Community Guild. I didn’t go in-depth on each of the initiatives we took on during the season as they weren’t stated explicitly as deliverables. If I need to edit this report to include more specifics please let me know and I’m happy to.

Thanks for a great season! Here’s to the next :slight_smile:

Contributor Rewards Sheet


Thanks for the report. It would be great to have a link to the Dework bounties for traceability

pending the link, 1/3 approved

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Ive only recently started using Dework last month so this may not be possible. Apologies.

2/3 approved you guys have 100% delivered where you could and gone over and above to support others in the DAO. cc @Ricktik6

@daniel-ospina here is the link to the Community Experience Dework Bounties. Rolling out this tool and ensuring basic information requirements is DAO Ops remit


Thank you Shawn! Looking forward to your teams’ graduation in the Main DAO
Approved 3/3