Community Experience Squad Season 1 Request for Funding

Request for Funding:

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Proposal Summary

In the month of February we had roughly 670 people join the Discord wanting to get involved, learn, or just generally be a part of the community. Out of those 670 people, 15 percent contributed in the discord and 15 percent were still present after one weeks time leaving 570 people inactive in the Discord.

We believe there is the opportunity to grow the scale and participation of our community through a more rich set of cultural experiences for people to get involved. Our ambition is to increase beyond this 15% number.

This proposal and the deliverables it pursues aims to more fully activate new and existing members of Aragon through active conversation, events, and deeper levels of support and engagement to build a truly thriving community.

Proposal description

This proposal aims to secure funding for 4 months of operation of a small squad focused on creating an engaging community experience for people who are new to the DAO in the following monthly breakdown:

  • Core Community Experience member static compensation of $14,000/ month (25% will be from the result of coordinape)
  • Contributing Aragon Community Experience member dynamic compensation of $4000/ month

Note: Static compensation is a set amount each month for each core member. Dynamic compensation may vary from month to month based on Aragon’s needs and bounty work performed.

Our main areas of focus will be on engaging new community members and retaining that engagement through things such as discussion within the discord and other platforms, a detailed onboarding process for community members and contributors, a Mentor program to help newbies learn the ins and outs of the DAO and web3 working styles, and hosting events within the DAO to encourage and drive community engagement.


The Community Experience Squad will act as the first point of contact for most of the people, whether that be community member or contributor, entering the DAO. From greeting to enquiring about their interests to introducing them to valuable resources within the DAO. We are driven to create an engaging community for both contributors and community members alike. Other than being a first point of contact we are looking into different community events to help drive and retain engagement as well.

Key Objectives:

  • Onboarding (25-30 hours/week split between contributors) (defidragon, Shawn Cubbedge, Ayomide Arowolo, Aaron Lewis, Muhammed Yakub )

    Objective: Optimize a formal Onboarding system for Contributors, Ambassadors, Community Members, Service Providers, and Product Testers organization wide.

    Weekly Activity:

    1. Collaborating weekly with Talent Scouts and Onboarding to address the specific needs of the Aragon guilds.
    2. Complete 2 New Joiner Call per Week
    3. Continuously iterate Onboarding Process
    4. Facilitate a frictionless experience for new contributors.

    Deliverable: Build and maintain an onboarding process rated on average 8/10 by participants

  • Discussion (120 hours/week split among contributors, coinciding with other responsibilities) (Shawn Cubbedge, Ayomide Arowolo, Aaron Lewis, defidragon, Muhammed Yakub )

    Objective: Drive conversation in Discord and Discourse

    Weekly Activity:

    • Promote topic of the day/week to encourage discussion within the Discord
    • Greet and engage with new joiners in the Intros and General Channels
    • Connect community members with people and resources within the DAO.
    • 1-on-1 follow up calls with new contributors
    • Ensure ~1 hour response time to posts in Discord and Forum

    Deliverable: Create a schedule for Community Experience Team so the Discord has coverage 6 days a week ~20 hours per day for greeting and new member orientation

  • Rituals and Events (40 Hours/Week split among contributors) (Shawn Cubbedge, Muhammed Yakub)

    Objectives: Look for opportunities for Aragon to host events and create rituals that drive and retain engagement.

    • 8 community based events per month to increase and retain community engagement.

      • A bi-weekly Event centered around Meditation and Self-Care with Fabs.
      • A bi-weekly event centered around tooling being used within the Aragon DAO and the broader ecosystem.
      • Bi-Monthly Core Team and Contributors of Aragon get together and update.
      • End of Season Jamboree
    • Create a template for Ambassadors to use for their own events. Then provide support up to and after the event to ensure they have all tools needed to be successful.

      • Create a Template for event planning
      • Answering questions related to Aragon products, services, DAOs and Web3
      • Support facilitation of Ambassador led events

    Deliverable: Increase community retention from 15% to 20% by end of Season 1

  • DAO Experts (15-20 hours/week split among contributors) (Ayomide Arowolo Shawn Cubbedge)

    Objectives: Assist with the DAO Experts Project.

    • Identify those who are coming in specifically for help setting up their DAO
    • Set up a 1 on 1 to learn more about their needs
    • Introduce them to the service providers that can help them
    • Set up roles within Discord for our DAO Experts depending on their expertise to prevent foul play and show which Service Providers are endorsed by Aragon.

    Deliverable: Create a funnel for DAOs who need assistance

  • Level1 and Catapult Updates and Upkeep (@Shawn Cubbedge)

    • We will be putting finishing touches on both of these projects and working to keep them up to date with the evolving needs of the DAO.

Contributors & and current collaborators:

Team Information & Value

  • Community Experience Squad
    • Shawnzywonzie#4546- A Cohort 1 Ambassador that has been involved with almost every major project within the DAO. 5 years of Project management experience. I recently completed the research and development phase of the onboarding proposal and am looking to further implement these changes in season 1.
    • Blockchainlore#6080 is the founder of KnowtheBlocks Maven, Blockchain Educator and Developer, Cohort 3 Ambassador, Gitcoin Kernel Guide and a ConsenSys Academy graduate. Over 6 years as a community manager and two years as a blockchain educator with the I Read to Live Initiative and KBM. My team won the ETHGlobal 2021 Hackaton for the best use of Web3 Storage from IPFS and Filecoin.
    • Iamcraftycarl#7867 is the founder of Craft The Future Community DAO and a 3rd Cohort Ambassador. They have 4+ years of leadership experience hailing from ABA Social Skills Coordinator, STEAM Educator / Mentor, and a professional storyteller. “I am just a kid growing and telling stories”- CARL
    • Cdogg#1999 - 4 years recruiting, onboarding and leadership experience running my own meat-space business. Experience working with and continuously exploring optimal entity structures, with an emphasis of on-chain entities for both individuals and large groups.

Project Contributors

  • Shawn Cubbedge - (35-45 hours per week)
  • Ayomide Arowolo - (25-35 hours per week)
  • Aaron Lewis - (25-35 hours per week)
    -defidragon - (25-35 hours per week)

How is this initiative adding value to the Aragon Network:

Many people who come into the DAO are new to the space and if we can leave a lasting impression in their mind that can only reflect good on Aragon and help the space as a whole. Creating a thriving culture within the community is key in attracting and retain people and new talent to the DAO. If we can increase new member participation by just 5 percent that will be an extra 30 people per month actively participating in the DAO. By creating and driving conversation within the Discord, helping organize events, and helping teach our growing community, this will encourage new members to get involved and help Aragon step into the web3 ecosystem as a leader in adoption.

Foreseeable Limitations and risks:

  • Continuous decline in engagement from new community members to Aragon can affect the total output of the outlined objective activities and programs.
  • Alignment with newer members may be difficult due to a lack of consistency in their workflow.
  • Lack of cohesion in onboarding system between talent scouting, the DAO, and onboarding as it pertains to new joiners engaging in roles (community, contributors, product testers, ambassadors.)
  • Confusion for new joiners in evolving period of the onboarding process
  • The Sky is limit.

Duration, deliverable/s, and expected outcomes:

Routine Deliverables

  • Monthly forum updates for reporting, transparency, and review.
  • Monthly Community Call for Community Feedback.
  • Weekly Reporting Of hours and task progression.
  • Notion Page for Reporting and progress.

Impact Deliverables

  • Build and maintain an onboarding process rated on average 8/10 by participants
  • Coverage 6 days a week ~20 hours per day for greeting and new member orientation within the Discord.
  • 8 community based events per month to increase and retain community engagement.
  • Create funnel for DAOs needing assistance through our DAO Experts initiative
  • Increase community retention from 15% to 20% by end of Season 1
  • Event Template and Support for Ambassadors looking to host Meet-ups in their area.


  • of Members Onboarded

  • % of member retention
  • of Communicators

Strategic Alignment:

This initiative will work with each working group and guild within the DAO to ensure we are onboarding people who will add value to their projects and the DAO as a whole. We are also focused on creating a positive community experience in order to increase and retain engagement within the Discord and other platforms. By creating a positive memorable first experience with new community members and contributors we are putting Aragon in the forefront of their mind. This will encourage new members to tell others about Aragon and the products we offer. We are also looking to increase the amount of events we are hosting to help Aragon step into its place as a thought leader in the Web3 space.

Funding Information:

For static compensation the ESD will make direct transfers to wallet addresses below for core members conforming to the Aragon standard of distributions at the end of each month. 25% of each members compensation will be decided upon via coordinape circle in which the results will be delivered to the ESD at the end of each month. Total maximum disbursement per month of static compensation will be no more than $14,000 /month

For dynamic compensation, the ESD will make direct transfers to wallets of those who have completed bounties or assisted the Squad totaling no more than $4,000 / Month

Adding up the maximum possible disbursement would total $72,000.

  • $5000/month split 70:30 (USDC:ANT)

shawnzywonzie- 0xF67825D3bdE95a0Bbb1a063e06D51b79e7061C05

  • $3000/month split 70:30 (USDC:ANT)

Blockchainlore - 0x1add50d7e889ad676ed50d17930ee790d784713c

iamcraftycarl- 0xeae65c628996f47914f37937d7bddbccb53f8fc2

CDogg- 0xFDcAED0d50026621B4eB07E74e5DBdcb9971688b

Edited 6/6/2022 Due to typo in the Dynamic compensation.
Discussed with @lee0007 and @fartunov


Great proposal Shawn and team, this could set Aragon apart in terms of attracting and retaining new talent in the DAO space. Given how daunting it can appear for people looking for the first time, having someone on hand to explain how it works and helping them find an area that suits their talents will make a major difference in growing AN DAO.


Hey @lee0007 , @fartunov , and @daniel-ospina
Just tagging as a gentle bump on this.
I know you guys have been busy so no rush. :slight_smile:

ESD General Meeting Monday 18 April UTC 1900: Questions raised within the past 24 hours from AA Events lead require clarification and will be posted here on the forum. This is a great community proposal and we expect that we can make a final funding decision async within the next seven days

CC @daniel-ospina @fartunov


Absolutely wonderful! If there is anything that you need clarification on or needs to be added or edited please feel free to reach out. :grin:

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@lee0007 @fartunov @daniel-ospina

We’ve gone through and made edits in order to simplify the proposal and make it easier for the ESD to assess deliverables. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let us know. :hugs:

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1/3 ESD Approved: Thank you for your patience, the updates and clear deliverables. I have no further questions as I think this team is mission-critical to community growth and engagement, and subsequently network growth and I am happy we have the deliverables needed to assess for funding. I look forward to working alongside this team cc @daniel-ospina @fartunov


Hey, @Shawncubbedge thank you for an extensive proposal!

You have done a great job in Season 0. Becuase of that, the expectations towards you are pretty high :slight_smile:

Starting from the top clarifying questions and comments:

  • Contributing Aragon Community Experience member dynamic compensation of $4000/ month

This is for contributors other than the 4 listed here, correct?


  • Onboarding - sounds great. You have done well there and I honestly feel underprepared to comment the details, so trust you completely
  • Discussion - this is rated at 120 hours per week which is the equivalent of 3 FTEs. Can you please let me know what is the current investment on this activity and what’s the impact of such a massive increase?
  • Rituals and Events - sounds good, as long as it’s coordinated with the other activities organized by other funded guilds and/or AA/AL organized gatherings. Based on this “Bi-Monthly Core Team and Contributors of Aragon get together and update” I presume you are already thinking of this?
  • Coaching and Mentorship - as expressed in my response to the DAO Academy proposal, this initiative does not seem fund-able for me. There are some ideas there, and if it is a collab between 10 DAOs and the lecturers are proven DAO operators from across the web3 space, I would see merit in it, currently, it’s a hard no for me
  • Level1 and Catapult Updates and Upkeep - sounds good

I have a wider definition of community than most - it includes token holders, projects built using Aragon’s stack, part-time and full-time contributors to the network through funding from the AN DAO or through AA/AL.

Based on nearly four full-time contributors, I expect more intensive deliverables encompassing some groups the current deliverables do not touch upon.

There is an initiative that has been publicly communicated with the guilds, the ambassadors, and the overall web3 industry, and I believe the Community Experience Squad is perfectly positioned to contribute meaningfully to it and hence directly impact the growth of the Aragon Network:
Please coordinate with @Anthony.Leuts on how to plug in there and define deliverables:

Last but not least, this proposal is painfully long…the fact that most proposals did not comply with the 750 words maximum is part of the reason ESD was slow in reviewing (among others).

My comment ended up being so long I forgot a critical piece of feedback:

Half of the Community Experience Squad team members has zero messages on the Discord server. This raises a few questions:

  • Are those team members interested in contributing to the AN DAO or just getting a proposal funded? I don’t know them. They might be amazing contributors, but it’s difficult to assess based on not a single server message so far.
  • How will those team members have enough knowledge and context of the AN DAO to be productive, considering they have not participated in the community despite being named in a funding request 2 weeks ago?

This would likely be less of an issue if the funding request was to audit some smart contracts, but it’s quite concerning considering the scope. Curious what @lee0007 and @daniel-ospina think of this

I am aware that shawnzywonzie | Blockchainlore |iamcraftycarl are all very active in the Discord. I have been in DAO meetings with all of these people. Sorry I don’t know CDogg? @fartunov can you link us to your data here, as there’s clearly a misunderstanding

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Thanks Renee!

I presume it is a fuck-up by the Discord server as I received the same empty search for Cdogg#1999 earlier, but now I can find their contributions. Apologies!

@Shawncubbedge consider this last comment retracted and apologies once again! The remaining points stand.

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That means a lot, thank you @fartunov

Yes, we are aware of this, and @anukriti10 and I are coordinating to ensure events and meetings are evenly spread out and there isn’t overlap or burnout. Additionally, @milena and i are working together to coordinate the Bi-monthly AA/DAO get-together and update to ensure it is executed efficiently as it’s an interesting undertaking with the number of people involved and with how busy everyone is.

This is unfortunate to hear. I can see the Mentor Program forming into what you mentioned. However, we are currently just planting the seed for something like this to grow. Additionally, the Mentor program could be used to help revamp the Ambassador program. This is something @milena and I are currently working on getting off the ground and if we had some type of mentor or support system for Ambassadors I think this would prove to be beneficial.

I think this wider view is fantastic and it helps the rest of us keep our eyes on the bigger picture. However, with the level of support we have been receiving from the Association, i don’t feel it’s fair to hold us to such high standards. As much as we would like to be, we just aren’t quite at this level yet. It seems as though you are already at the finish line and because we aren’t there it’s making our steps less impactful. You’re leading the way and it’s honestly inspiring. But to expect a team that has just formed to be able to create a massive cross-DAO initiative before they’ve had a chance to get established is asking a bit much. We are striving to get to this level and the team has all of the skills and drive required to do so. We just ask for a bit of patience while we get things off the ground.

I have actually been trying to reach out to you for over a month to get information on how Community Experience Squad can assist with Host of the Party and you haven’t returned my messages. I understand you were OOO so I was being patient. I wasn’t aware i should be speaking with @Anthony.Leuts about this because you have been the main person speaking about this in the community. I reached out to him today and we have a meeting on monday to discuss this further. After that meeting i will update the proposal including this initiative.

I’ve seen this being commented on most of the proposals. I’ve been more involved in the ESD proposal process than most everyone in the DAO and have never seen this stated anywhere. Maybe in the past it wasn’t enforced due to the lower volume of proposals coming through. I’m not arguing with the request, it makes complete sense to prevent the ESD from getting overwhelmed. However, if this is a requirement please don’t just say there’s a 750-word maximum. Please give us a link so we can view a document with what is expected of us.

Also, regarding the members of Community Experience, I know you’ve retracted that comment. I just wanted to say that CDogg is our newest member, he has been quiet in the Discord but this is only because he has been busy learning the ins and outs of Aragon so that he has the context to meaningfully contribute. Blockchainlore and Iamcraftycarl are both Cohort3 Ambassadors that I personally interviewed and onboarded back in November. I am constantly impressed by their knowledge, drive, commitment, and work ethic while creating this proposal and getting these initiatives started before knowing if the proposal had even been approved yet. We all believe in Aragon and want to see the organization thrive. With a little patience and the right support, Community Experience and the rest of the early stage groups within the DAO will prove to be invaluable to not only Aragon but the rest of the DAOs in the Aragon Ecosystem.

Lastly, A huge thank you to the ESD @lee0007, @fartunov, @daniel-ospina For the work you’re doing for the DAO. This most recent round of proposals has been (for lack of better words) a shit show. You 3 have handled it like absolute legends. And the hardships we are going through now are paving the way for those who will follow. Looking forward to hearing your replies so that we can make this proposal rock solid for the upcoming season. :grin:


Hey @Shawncubbedge thanks for the response!

To clarify -

I was just providing this context to understand why HOP initiative fits in, but also becuase it’s not being considered often enough and there is a sense that community refers only to the contributors, not a criticism of any sort.

Apologies for not clarifying who is the person to reach out to while I am OOO.

Could you please respond to the Discussions comment as well?

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Whoops sorry for leaving this out.

I think I may have not been clear about how this task is being performed and the overall aim of the task. We have created a schedule to ensure Discord always has someone to help or direct people. However, we will not be solely focused on this task. This will be done while we are taking care of our other responsibilities. The impact of this is to prevent a situation where someone comes into our Discord looking for help, wanting to collaborate or is just generally curious about Aragon and there is just silence when they get here. This has happened in the past and there is a possibility of us missing out on great partnerships or contributors because of that.

Now that you mention it I realize that the proposal is very contributor-focused. I think this is a result of us operating within the DAO at the current state of its evolution. However, this conversation has opened my eyes to a much broader role that we can play in the ever-evolving puzzle that is the DAO. Hopefully, after my conversation with Anthony, I can get a better vision of what that role looks like and update this proposal accordingly so that we can better serve not only Aragon but other DAOs and members of the broader Web3 community.

Also, thank you for this. I actually remember this from the early days of the DAO. It may have been helpful to post this prior to everyone completing proposals. (Apologies if it was posted and i missed it)

@fartunov @Shawncubbedge

I am in with striving for quality of mentors and outcomes. The quality comes with the iteration and therefore it might be a second stage of the program. However, the first step - as mentioned - might be to design a learning support of the Ambassadors, beginners, where DAO experts - from others DAO - are not necessarily crucial at the beginning.

The goal is to establish a peer-to-peer learning where existing contributors could practice and share knowledge. This is a pillar for a self-sustaining community. A mentor, an external collaboration, a DAO expert is powerful as it might signal the next station of the mentorship program.


Simmilar comemnt that I made to the Growth Team and Data insights proposal. This seems like a solid direction but the ideal would be for the funding to come from the Main DAO as the ESD was not setup to handle large scale recurring funding for teams.
The ESD was intended for quick grants to seed fund initatives or exceptional grants that might be needed.

As such, I’d invite you to submit this proposal to the Main DAO and I’m happy to provide guidance on the process if needed.


I appreciate the feedback @daniel-ospina .

I think it’s apparent to everyone the ESD was not ready for the volume and density of the proposals that have come through. If the other members of the ESD agree with you then I will be happy to bring this proposal to the Main DAO.

However, if this is the case I do have one request.

I request that a one-time payment be made from the ESD to the members of the Community Experience Squad for the work we have been doing. We all have put quite a bit of time and effort into the proposal process, organization of efforts, gaining context, and execution of the proposal prior to approval to ensure we don’t lose what momentum we’ve gained over the last few months. The members of the Community Experience Squad have become a core part of the progression of the DAO.

Considering that we worked on the proposal for almost 3 weeks and then did not receive feedback for another 7 days and then more detailed feedback only a week ago. So currently over a month invested into the creation and execution of this proposal. Now if we repost this proposal as a Main DAO proposal that will add, at minimum, another 2 weeks of deliberation and voting. Which will put us at almost 2 months of work with no payment.

I think my request is reasonable and hope that the ESD will think so as well so that we can ensure that we retain the contributors who have been dedicated to Aragon, the DAO, and the community. To lose passionately dedicated contributors would be detrimental at the current stage of the Guild.

Thank you again for all of the efforts that have been put forth by the ESD to help with the creation of these proposals and the bootstrapping of the DAO as a whole. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.


I spoke with @Anthony.Leuts Today regarding Host of the Party.
We agreed that Community Experience could play a vital role in identifying stakeholders when they enter the DAO, Having a 1 on 1 with them to figure out what they need exactly, and then helping direct them to the service provider that would best fit their needs. In addition we could create things such as roles for our service providers to prevent any foul play and to better identify who the service providers endorsed by Aragon are and which area they specialize in.

I’ll be working on adding this in to the community experience proposal in the next few days after speaking with the team.

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ESD General Meeting 2 May 2022 UTC 1900: Limited consensus

ESD Majority agreement, no need for Main DAO proposal

These limitations were decided by the ESD in the previous season and included in the documentation that was open to significant discussion before posting in the forum and voting. It would seem unfair to change the standard only after people have committed time and energy to develop ESD proposals. We have the budget to support these community efforts. This will be the final season of ESD funding available to this team and we look forward to supporting S2 Main DAO proposals.

ESD Majority agreement ESD will not fund the S1 mentor program cc @Sixto5

Approval of the full budget awaits pivot to the DAO Experts function, which we @fartunov @lee0007 see aligns really well with this team due to their very high visibility and oversight within Discord and their talent scouting roles.

Supporting the Aragon App GtM is a leading priority for S1 ESD funding that very few teams aligned on and we appreciate your ongoing efforts @Shawncubbedge and team to pivot and align on strategic funding priorities.

ESD are committed to finalising this funding decision asynch within seven days of an updated proposal.