Committees Aragon App

Funding Proposal: Committees Aragon App

Committes is an Aragon application designed to delegate certain DAO operations on a subgroup of members in order to speed up some tasks.

The idea is inspired on the Aragon Cooperative post, authored by @lkngtn and @stellarmagnet, where different committees were planned (such as Membership, Technical, Product, Bounty, APM, and User Committees). Each committee had its own Token Manager and Voting apps, and those applications had specific permissions on the DAO (Vault, Survey, or APM Repository Management).

During my final degree project, authored by me and supervised by @sembrestels, I developed a proof-of-concept Committees app that creates, manages, and deletes those committees. Permissions can be assigned to committee’s token manager (so anybody in the committee can perform actions with them) or to committee’s voting app (so a committee votation is required).

Current State

The current proof-of-concept app implements the creation and deletion of committees.

Each committee is created by deploying a token, token manager and voting. The Committee app allows assigning an initial group members, some votation parameters (approve percentage, quorum, etc.), and some token parameters (accumulative, transferible, etc.).

Committees are deleted by revoking all permissions and destroying all committee tokens, despite apps can not yet be uninstalled (issue #575).

Members can be added at any moment from the committee panel.

Next Steps

With the help of @sembrestels for code-reviewing, I am going to improve the code of the whole application. Especially frontend needs to be refactored and improved visually.

I am also going to implement the following new functionalities with his help:

  • Finance-enabled committees: Add the option to deploy a Vault and a Finance apps when setting up committees.
  • Permissions panel: A committee-specific permissions frontend that presents the capabilities of the committee in a user-friendly way.
  • Log panel: A monitoring view of the actions performed by the members of a committee using where the committee token manager or voting app is involved, in order to make them accountable.

CFDAO Funding Request

We are requesting 5000 DAI from the CFDAO in order to deliver a polished product with the above functionalities and ready for being tested in the rinkeby network. The funds are going to be managed transparently by an Aragon DAO that me and @sembrestels have set up.


This is awesome! I wholeheartedly support this :slight_smile:

@joeycharlesworth Do you think something like committees would help with the Expert Network DAO too?


Hi @PJColombo welcome to the forum! Very cool proposal. As part of your planned improvements for the frontend, do you plan on updating the frontend to use the new Aragon design system?


Hi Light :smiley: Yes! I plan to allocate part of the funds to develope the front-end following the new Aragon design system guidelines.


As @PJColombo posted in the first message, I’m going to help him on the definition of the new functionalities and in the review of his code.

As we can see, he did a great job on the first proof-of-concept of the app, and now it is time to leverage it to high-quality well crafted code so it can be used for real users. With the 5000 DAI we plan to release the first beta version the Committees app (v1.0.0-beta.1), that includes, among others, the following improvements:

  • Frontend refactor
  • Contract efficiency improvements
  • Activity log
  • Permissions panel
  • Mobile version

The progress on these features and other issues can be tracked on github.

I created a vote on the CF DAO in order to receive the funds next week. Please feel free to continue commenting on this forum thread any feedback you have on the application, in order to recollect a list of improvements we can add on this or another milestone.


Hey @PJColombo @sembrestels,

Would love to have an update on this and curious to know if you have a timeline in mind! :blush:

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I’m also curious about this

Hello @LouisGrx and @burrrata. We plan to finish the frontend refactoring and all the new features (financial committees, activity logs, and committee permissions) by the end of this week, and have the app refined and reviewed by the end of the next.

I think that the issues doesn’t reflect the current state of the project. @PJColombo could you please check out which issues have already been completed?


That’s awesome to hear. Really looking forward to testing that :slight_smile:

Would be awesome to have that info if you have time.


Hey! Cool idea. Why embed permissions inside the app though, instead of using the Aragon-native permissions system?

Hi @luis,

We believe that the permission section associated with each committee would be more intuitive for the user and facilitate the addition or removal of a permission.

Additionally, we want to show at a glance what permissions have the committee’s token manager and voting apps, and this is why we filter and order the permissions in a different way. The permissions native panel is convoluted with the rest of the apps, and shows who have permissions over an application, and it is difficult to see what permissions have an application over the rest.

We will show the token manager permissions under the title “Individual permissions” and the voting permissions under “Group permissions”.

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Hi all :smiley:

First of all, I’m sorry for the late reply.

I have not had time to update the issues in Github throughout this week. I’ll do it today

Regarding the functionalities, the registration panel is almost done, we need to polish some final details. Here’s a screenshot:

There have been some setbacks with the remaining functionalities so we will be delayed a few days in its delivery. However, we can ensure that for this week both features will be completed and uploaded.

The frontend has been completely refactorized and adapted to the new design system. Here are some screenshots :slight_smile: :


We have finished the committees implementation with most of the features and released the version v1.0.0-beta.1 :partying_face:.

It includes the following:

  • Refactored and reviewed code
  • New frontend following the new aragonDS guidelines
  • Committee permissions panel
  • Committee activity log
  • Financial-enabled committees

It does not include:

We’ll publish the app on rinkeby as soon as possible (we are waiting the issue aragon-cli#1082 to be fixed), and set up a demo DAO.

During the next weeks we’ll be working on a second beta version, in which we’ll fix the issues that we have already detected and others that will appear with the testing.

You can find a set of updated screenshots here.


Committees v1.0.0-beta.2

@sembrestels and me are proud to announce that after several months of development, we are releasing committees 1.0.0-beta.2 for public review :partying_face:.

In this version we have closed 9 issues that include the following:

  • Polished frontend, showing the sync indicator consistently, fixing some quirks in mobile views, improved performance, and other bug fixes.
  • Subscribe and cache token holders and permissions using an innovative formula described in this technical post.
  • Deep linking for each info, permissions, and activity committee page.
  • Dark mode :new_moon_with_face: support.
  • Update to latest aragonCLI.
  • @sembrestels also submitted a pull request to aragon.js in order to support permission changes from an external app, and it has been accepted and incorporated in Aragon 0.8.8 :tada:.

We want to thank @vivianedias for her contributions to the app’s frontend in this last release.

The application can be tested in Try Committees Rinkeby DAO, where you can find some of the committees described in the Aragon Cooperative post where we find out the original idea splitting DAO governance over different committees.

The application can also be installed in your Rinkeby DAO following the instructions in the app’s README.

We would like to hear about your feedback in this same forum thread, and create a new issue if you find any bug or want to suggest a new feature request.

Finally, we’d like to thank the Aragon Community Funding DAO for funding this project.


@PJColombo This is super cool! Would be awesome to write up a tutorial or test out a use case or something. Do you know anyone using it and/or do you want to hop on a call sometime to walk me through it?

Under Technical Committee, there is a typo:
“Create and participate in technical considerations, standards, and priotization. Define high level technical specifications and determine whether an AIP or EIP is needed to implement the specification.”

It should be “prioritization” and not “priotization”…:grin:

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How does this app works? Is each committee its own dao with its own token and everyone who holds this token has the permission to vote on certain votes with specific tags. so for example member1 of the main DAO wants to mint a new membership token to a new address so member1 clicks in the token app “mint new membership token”. this triggers a new vote with the tag “membership”. Now the membership committee jumps in which has the permission to vote on all votes with the tag “membership”. Is this how it works?

would it be possible that one committee can have permission over multiple voting tags on multiple DAOs?