Collaboration for PhD research

Dear Aragon community,

My name is Marianna Riabova, and I am 1st year PhD student at the University Grenoble Alpes, France. My PhD project is directed towards identification of the possible impact of Blockchain Arbitration on Supply Chains and their performance.

I contact you via this forum as I could not find any email and contact form in internet. My PhD project is closely connected to the sphere of Aragon activities and I hope that a collaboration between us can be beneficial for both parties.

Under the PhD project my research supervisor Mr Paul Reaidy (Researcher in Supply Chain Management at University Grenoble Alpes) and I are exploring if Blockchain Arbitration can bring benefits for Supply chain companies and enhance their performance, service level and SC partners satisfaction by reducing the cost and time of dispute resolution and by increasing dispute resolution automation and flexibility.

Currently we are planning to conduct qualitative research in the form of semi-structured interviews with Supply Chain companies to identify their potential motivation to switch to Blockchain Arbitration from conventional dispute resolution strategies. To better identify our target sample for the interviews, we are looking for Supply Chain companies that have already used Blockchain Arbitration platforms or are actively implementing this dispute resolution tool and can give us some feedback about their usage experience.

As Aragon is now developing and acquiring new customers, we would like to ask if some Supply Chain companies used your Blockchain Arbitration platform as a dispute resolution tool or are actively inquiring about Aragon service and if it is possible to share these companies’ names with us. Having this information, we will be able to contact these firms to organize some interviews and collect qualitative data.

The results from this qualitative study will be analyzed carefully and a research paper will be prepared that we can share with your company and that can probably give Aragon some insights and ideas for future development.

If you have any questions concerning our research or require some additional information, please do not hesitate to ask me. I will be happy to provide more information about our project.

Kind regards,

Marianna Riabova

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Marianna Aragon Court is yet to resolve a realworld dispute BUT it is certainly something we are aware of needs addressing. I suspect we would learn much from your research as to the reasons why supply chains would use these tools and that such research could help inform future development. TBH though I am not the right person to speak on this. I would instead encourage you to join the community Discord Aragon 🦅 share your post above in the general or learning library channel and connect with people in the legal working group. Can highly recommend speaking to @alibama and am happy to point you in his direction once you hit the Discord.

Hey sorry - slept on this @Marianna we’re working on some ways to integrate aragon court arbitration services layered on top of legal engineering tools like ricardian contracts and on-chain represented llcs. and are both looking to be heavily used in our process along with a proposal to upgrade aragon court to the 1hive celeste tools

glad to answer more = anson parker on aragon discord