Clarity on Aragon Finances over the years

Are we to assume you’ve broken down the wallets that held the wrapped ANT during the votes mentioned and tracked their source of ANT?

Because I have, and it’s pretty blatantly clear that greater 50% was owned by team (and by team I mean broadly anyone who was paid by Aragon or who financially benefitted from those funding proposals, rather than the “current guilds” distinction you are trying to move the goal posts to ).

The “current guilds” distinction is in exact response to Yakitori who set these goal posts, indicating that the guild members held more than 51% of the voting power to vote on their own proposals. Those are the goal posts. As I said, these guild members did not.

I think the point is the vote were passed with a very small quorum, and majorly by those who are contributors themselves. For me the small quorum part is the worrying aspect