Citizen Cosmos podcast: Aragon chain, ChainSafe & DAO

In this special episode we speak with Jorge, CEO of Aragon One & with Aidan and Colin from ChainSafe. We discussed the future Aragon Chain on Cosmos, talked about the main concerns for Aragon DAOs, the social issues that may arise from managing communities on multiple chains for one project, American-centric infrastructure and whether it’s possible or not to create a DAO without a jurisdiction.

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1.10: Getting started with Cosmos

2.43: Chainsafe introduction

5.05: How did you choose Cosmos

15.50: The technical aspects of how Aragon works with Cosmos and Ethereum

19.36: Aragon Court

29.36: Ethermint as the Cosmos module

31.12: How to build two communities around the project

34.10: Aragon on other networks

37.54: PoS maturity

39.40: Personal motivation

43.30: Jorge’s history of becoming a co-founder of Aragon

46.35: Problems which can be solved by a DAO

51.10: Inspirational projects using Aragon DAOs