CIP 0 Governance Proposal: Historic Versioning

Purpose: Charter Improvement Proposals - CIP-0
Status: VOTING Aragon Voice
Voting: July 22 - 5 August
Author(s): @lee0007 @mheuer
Reviewers: @eaglelex for AN DAO Compliance Committee


Update the current AN DAO Charter v1.0.0 to AN DAO Charter v1.1.0, which includes the changes of AN DAO Charter v1.0.1

November 2021 edits were not ratified, due to competing priorities and limited resources. It is important to state these changes DO NOT alter the legal interpretation of AN DAO Charter v1.0.0 which was subject to legal compliance review. We propose that ANT holders vote simply yes or no to

  1. Y /N Approve Aragon Network DAO Charter v1.1.0

Changes applied in v1.0.1

Minor stylistic improvements, suggested by @AndrewRidge @daniel-ospina and others.…v1.0.1)

Changes applied in v1.1.0

Charter restructuring and formatting. Discussed with @fartunov @Alex and members of the Compliance Committee.…v1.1.0

  • Restructures the charter chapters into eight individual .pdf files.
  • Simplifies the paragraph numbering.
  • Separate files are then collated into a single .pdf file uploaded via IPFS and referenced in the AN Main DAO
  • Individual parts callow merge/rework in future CIPs.

Formal Proposal Ends

Legal Compliance Review


Governance Process

Public Notification & Feedback: This proposal requires 30 days of public notice. Followed by a 14-day voting window. We welcome all feedback and aim to review all comments within 48 hours.

Voting: The proposed date for voting to begin is Friday 22 July 2022 to overlap with voting for CIP 1 CIP 2. We ask ANT holders to vote either Yes or No. The suggested text for the vote is:

  • Y /N Approve Aragon Network DAO Charter v1.1.0
Open Questions

Can Compliance Committee members please confirm for the record that v1.1.0 does not alter the legal interpretation of current AN DAO Charter v1.0.0. Interpretation may be the wrong word here. Please advise @eaglelex @Tayy @ronald_k

Because of the restructuring/reformatting introduced from v1.0.1 to v1.1.0, almost every line was shifted / indented, so that the GitHub comparison tool is confused and cannot track it.
Accordingly, comparing these two versions is a tedious job.
For the next versions, this will not be a problem and changes will be clearly highlighted, as in the v1.0.0 to v1.0.1 example.

To make life easier for reviewers, we could ask contributors (and offer a bounty?) to read the two charters with the goal to find changes going beyond restructuring / reformatting and highlighting them. Just an idea.


I think that if we don’t speak about substantive changes, it’ not an issue.


Currently under review by @eaglelex to insure no legal substantive changes between the current and proposed v1.1.0 with work funded by ESD see S1 ESD Strategic Development Funding : Nominations

thank you @lee0007 To me it does not seem that the new structure alters the interpretation of the of the Charter. I am concluding my review on the modified aspects!

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Before writing a new Charter/Constitution, I recommend reading this:


Posting this here as well Josh is a friend. I have spent the past 2 weeks living with him and other MetaGov core contributors. I can get some of them to provide a feedback session when needed. Let me know what would be the best time to set this up.

dGov will NOT be writing a new charter, this is outside of our funded mandate. We are simply updating the current governing Charter to 1) maintain governance continuity and legitimacy and enable 2) some mission-critical votes between now and November.

Voting begins 22 July 2022
Also see

CIP 1 - Tech Agnostic
CIP 2 - Quorum & Notification Period

CIP 0-2 will be scheduled as a single vote and we would love to have your input @mlphresearch

Nothing meaningful to add at this point. I’m hopeful that delegation will help solve the quorum issue and don’t see a problem in shortening the notification period as long as outreach/communications work as intended.

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Hello, I have entirely reviewed the new version v1.1.0-0-g7e11f05 of June 21, 2022.

The aforementioned charter does not present any substantial legal change compared to the previous version. The modifications are only of formal nature and do not impact any rule within the Aragon Network DAO.

During my review I have also noticed some minor typos/mistakes, which I have highlighted in my working file. I will send it to all the interested persons.

It has been a pleasure to serve the Aragon DAO. Compliance check is for me ok!

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Thank you @eaglelex your time and expertise is much appreciated :heart: and the results of your review are linked in the formal proposal

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VOTING LIVE Aragon Voice