Change of Support and min. Quorum settings in the future

As there are voting events with different level of importance within an organization, the question here ist wether there are future plans to individually select the Support and min. Quorum thresholds for specific votes?
Or will one be stuck with the levels defined in the initial setup of the organization?

Hi @bujuben to have different min. quorum/ support levels for different votes you will need to install multiple instances of the voting app in your organization. This can currently only be done using the aragonCLI.

See an example in our AGP DAO:

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Thanks, that helped

@light as you seemed very knowledgeable here is another question. I understand that the min quorum can be changed at any point. Can that be done in the UI? If so can you link to an tutorial please? If not how is it done?

@bujuben no the Voting app parameters cannot be changed once a Voting app instance is deployed. You have to install a new Voting app with the new parameters then use the new Voting app instance instead. Sorry if this wasn’t clear from the documentation! I have just created pull request on GitHub to clarify this in the appropriate section of the Aragon User Guide.

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@light is correct that its not possible to do this using the UI, It is actually possible to change the support and quorum requirements of the voting app using the CLI, but the default templates may have those permissions revoked. If you look in permissions > voting, you should see a “modify support” and “modify quorum” action. Depending on how that is configured in your org you may or may not be able to change these settings.

If the permissions are available you will need to use the dao exec command of the CLI (documented here) as there is not currently a UI for interacting with these functions in the web client.

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Thanks for clarifying/ correcting on that :slight_smile:

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@lkngtn after some testing, it looks like the Democracy template discards the Modify Support permission and assigns the Modify Quorum permission to the Voting app. The Multisig template assigns both permissions to the Voting app. Updated the docs here: