CFDAO RFF: NestDAO Analysis and Strategy

As recently discussed on the forum, Aragon needs to get better at funding small community experiments and app developers. It’s much more capital efficient than monolithic Flock proposals and can add lots of value to Aragon as a platform. This is easier said than done. Building prototypes is easy, but shipping production ready applications is not.

This proposal aims to improve the return on investment for the NestDAO. We also aim to improve the contributor experience for Aragon developers. This will help us fund better projects, support those project to help them ship a production ready product, and as a result drive more value to Aragon as a platform. First, we need to identify what “success” means in the context of the NestDAO, then we want to evaluate past projects to understand what’s working and what’s not, then we want to present suggestions for improvement.

  • Step 1: Draft a project evaluation framework that correlates success metrics to ANT/Aragon value.
  • Step 2: Evaluate past Nest grantee performance and consult with @LouisGrx to better understand what worked, what didn’t, and how we can improve.
  • Step 3: Present strategies for the NestDAO to improve returns on investment.

This is not a final analysis by any means. It’s a step towards putting more data on the table for the NestDAO WG and the Aragon community. We plan to post preliminary results to the forum and/or #nest-wg chat for review. Then, after incorporating feedback, we will discuss results and next steps at the upcoming NestDAO WG meeting. From there the NestDAO can choose to iterate or move forward with some of the initiatives presented.

Sketch: NestDAO Analysis and Strategy

This is an outline of some initial ideas. These are mostly aggregated from various discussions on the forum in the last few weeks. As we proceed with the project we will validate, invalidate, or modify these points accordingly.

1. Success Metrics (WIP)

For projects that got funded

  • Did they deliver what they set out to deliver? If not, why not?
  • Was the product shipped to mainnet?
  • What kind of traction did get the product get since Rinkeby deployment? - Mainnet deployment?
  • Is the project still being maintained?
  • How was the project’s communication with the community? Were they active in the Aragon forum?
  • Did they seek help when they needed it? Did they collaborate well with synergistic projects?
  • Was there a mismatch between the support promised to them from Aragon vs what they received? If so, what?
  • What support functions would have been most valuable to them?
  • Have they since applied for additional funding from Aragon? If not, why not?
  • How could the Nest application experience have been improved for them?

For projects that didn’t get funded

  • Did they end up getting funded by one of the Aragon competitors? Which one?
  • Did they end up building the product anyway? (Without any funding)
  • How could the Nest application experience have been improved for them?

2. Performance Evaluation and User Interviews (WIP)

Use success metrics to evaluate past Nest grants.

Consult with @LouisGrx to better understand the Nest program, how it’s been working, and how we might improve.

3. Suggestions For Improvement (WIP)

these are just some initial ideas
not all of these suggestions will be relevant for all projects so NestDAO members will need to adjust accordingly in their evaluations

Requirements for initial funding

  • wishlist/RFPs
  • require proposals to show how the project will increase ANT/Aragon value
  • transparency reports and milestone based funding

Support to increase return on investment

  • deployment guide/requirements (local, rinkeby, mainnet)
  • community feedback / beta testing
  • security audits
  • legal council to provide defensible disclaimers
  • comprehensive Aragon wide Bug Bounty program
  • future fundraising guidance

Requirements for completion bonuses

  • local deployment template, APM Rinkeby deployment, APM mainnet deployment
  • technical documentation, user guides, installation guides
  • timely delivery of production ready project

Request For Funding

We anticipate that this project will take 1-2 weeks of work by @burrrata and @joeycharlesworth. This will allow us to conduct initial research, present our findings to the community (forum and NestDAO WG), and draft next steps for the NestDAO based on community feedback. We feel that 4800 DAI is appropriate for this endeavor.

Funding will be split 50/50 and can be transferred to:


Stoked to be working on this. Here is mine. 0x6b817156A65615F01949EaE47CC66f2a1f2F2e7D

Added! Please double check to make sure it’s correct

Updated Scope of Grant


  • Develop a framework to help people get into the Nest program (onboarding), through nest successfully (shipping a real product), and into the broader Aragon ecosystem (ongoing contributions/collaboration).

To Do: develop strategies for the following items

  • Thesis (what Nest is and who it’s for)
  • Success metrics (expectations)
    • should allow grant proposers to explitly explain what they’re doing, why, and the value they will provide. Then we can judge the idea (and the liklihood of shipping a finished product). This should provide guidance, but not be so narrow as to exclude innovation.
  • Requests for proposals (things we want to fund)
  • Updated proposal template (like AGP template)
  • Guidelines/expectations for NestDAO members on due dilligence to perform for various grant sizes (10k vs 100k)
  • Details on how the application process works and what is expected
    • FAQ
    • how long does the process take
    • how long does it take to receive funds (formal agreement)
    • how do grantees receive support and ask questions as they build
  • Security partners and partners to help ship finished products
  • Support program to help Nest grantees connect with the larger Aragon ecosystem

Next Steps

  • Do work
  • Share with NestDAO WG
  • NestDAO WG can then choose to which ideas to move forward with



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Nest Analysis & Strategy

We are happy to announce that our Nest Analysis & Strategy report is now ready!

We started by gathering data on the Nest program; going through every open Issue and PR in the Nest GitHub repository line by line and aggregating that data into a spreadsheet. We then performed analysis on that data to better understand the history, trends, and future outlook of the Nest program. Based on that data, we provide strategic recommendations to improve the Nest program’s returns on investment.

This report does not have on opion as to how the Nest program fits into the overall strategic vision of Aragon. That discussion would require further data and analysis. What this report does provide is an analysis of the Nest program as is and suggestions for improvement within the current budget and framework of the program.

We hope that this report provides insights for the Aragon community. Our goal is to understand where we’re at on the map and how we might move forward together towards our shared goal of making Aragon a sustainable and unstoppable force in the world. All feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome :slight_smile:

The entirety of our findings can be found here:

If you would like to learn more, we will be presenting our findings at the nest Nest Working Group meeting this Thursday October 17th, at 5pm CEST. Details on the upcoming call and a link to join will be posted in the NestWG channel on the Aragon chat.


Wow, congratulations for such a nice work! It is going to be super useful for subsequent iterations on the Nest program!

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thats a great report! thank you and everyone involved

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