CFDAO proposals: Install the Agent app on CFDAO and set appropriate permissions

I have created a proposal to install the Agent app on the CFDAO:

Following the Agent installation guide, there will be at least one more proposal to set the permissions once the Agent app is installed. I will be configuring the Agent app so that all Agent actions must go through a vote before being executed.

Right now, I don’t intend for Agent to be used much. The reason being that Agent vote descriptions are currently not very user-friendly, and so it’s hard for laypeople (including myself) to verify what’s going on in any given Agent proposal.

That said, the reason for installing Agent now is that we have a bunch of SAI in the CFDAO and we need a trust-minimized way to convert this SAI into DAI following the recent upgrade to Multi-Collateral Dai aka “Much Cooler Dai”. What I plan to do here is to install Agent, set the appropriate permissions, transfer the SAI from the Vault to the Agent app, and then use the Agent app to convert the SAI to DAI via the Maker Migration Portal. Finally, I will send the upgraded DAI back to the Vault by using Agent to make a deposit through the Finance app.

Questions and feedback on this proposal is welcome and appreciated!

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LGTM. Maybe we can bundle all those transactions with the new aragon-cli toolkit, so people only need to vote once and do the entire process much faster.


I think there’s only one more vote needed, so it’s kind of a wash at this point. But that is a good suggestion for future reference :slight_smile:

Edit: actually, there are a few more proposals to do after the Agent app is actually installed:

[x] create proposal to install agent app
[ ] create proposal to set agent permissions
[ ] create proposal to send sai to agent
[ ] create proposal to upgrade sai to dai
[ ] create proposal to send dai from agent to vault

could we do the remaining four actions in one atomic vote? @sembrestels

We can try, I guess.

The idea is to create an EVM script that contains all the steps and run them in just one call. I don’t see any reason we should not be able to do it, but never did it before.

If we succeed, one of the things I’d like to do in the future is an Aragon app that helps bundling a set of changes to a DAO such as these ones. Yet a rough idea, but we are calling it Blueprints app.

Instead of installing the tollgate on a Rinkeby DAO this weekend (we are waiting for the Court to be ready at the end), I’ll try to bundle all these transactions and run them in a test environment to see if I can make it work.

EDIT: It seems like it is not possible to migrate SAIs to DAIs in rinkeby, so I’ll try it with a mainnet DAO and very little money.


@light I just realized that insalling an Agent in the current CFDAO is a bad idea because of the Istambul fork. I would clone the agp10 DAO in to a new one that is using the new kernel and preferibly the Agent app instead of the Vault. In the next ANV I will propose a change of the address of the CFDAO for this new one. BTW I retire my support to install an Agent in the current setting.

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@light Following up the discussion in a new thread: CFDAO proposal: Migrate to a DAO with modern proxies.

I just realized that insalling an Agent in the current CFDAO is a bad idea because of the Istambul fork

You are completely right, good catch! I will join the migration conversation in the other thread.

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