Can you send me all examples of selling your DAO full or part of it?

Hi All,
It would be super helpful if you can send me anything with selling of a DAO


Hey, can you elaborate on what you mean by “selling of a DAO”?

It’s a digitally native opt-in social structure, what is there to sell? Does it have any assets - e.g. brand, assets in treasury, members who have committed to making useful contributions after the “sale”

I was attending the Standford DAO symposium, and i got answers from not 1 but two different speakers who told me there is no platform for M&A or otherwise to sell your DAO. But you can use token swap (TokenSwap(

There are a few successful examples of mergers of token-based organizations:

  • Gnosis acquiring xDAI chain
  • Keep and Nucypher merger
  • Fei Protocol and Rari Captial merger

If you are thinking of a “sell your business” type of platform those do not exist, but in the context of DAOs in their current form, such a marketplace does not make sense either