📢 Calling for Feedback! - A little research to shape the future of governance

Road to Aragon DAO

As part of the initiative to keep decentralizing, our team is going to be helping Aragon to set up Aragon DAO.

Who’s DAOcraft, and what are you up to?

DAOCraft was founded by key DAO contributors across different blockchains, including MakerDAO and JetDAO. The aim is to provide tooling and frameworks for building, scaling and refining DAO strategy and operations for both historic and up-and-coming protocols.

We’re immensely excited to be applying governance design mechanisms to Aragon.

During the next couple of weeks, we will be:

  • Facilitating the discussion
  • Getting feedback from stakeholders
  • Report back using our “fresh eyes.”

First Stop: Collecting Feedback

We will start collecting feedback through a series of short workshops during the next couple of weeks.

We will do this in a specific order to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio:

ANT Holders and Developers

As the protocol owners, ANT Holders will enormously impact the protocol’s future. We will be in contact with some known token holders (we have already started this process), but should anyone left behind would like to voice their opinion, please reach out.

We want to create a DAO for developers to develop and build on top of Aragon. If Aragon DAO is built from the ground up with the developers in mind, we will maximize the chances of making it.

AA Core Teams and AN DAO Contributors

Both AA Core Teams and AN DAO Contributors have played a crucial role in the recent past in getting Aragon to where it is right now.

We want to document all the lessons learnt and ideas for the future that this important group has collected over the past.

Supporters and Broader Community

Anyone else has a great idea for Aragon? We want to hear it!

Quick Workshops Format

We have prepared a light structure to guide the conversation, but the format will be flexible enough to accommodate the feedback gathering.

We will accommodate all time zones to the best of our possibilities.

We will, of course, respect everyone’s privacy. We’re happy to talk to pseudonyms if needed.

Sign up here!

Please fill this Google Form if you would like to participate!


Thank you for the introduction @Dante

Looking forward to participate!


Thanks for the intro @Dante

Hope we get lots of participation! :slight_smile:

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Just joined! Love this initiative, thank you for carrying it forward @Dante

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Thanks for the opportunity @Dante have shared my info via the form. Few questions…

You mention future and past proposals. Will the discussions/workshops be based on shared reference documents to build a shared understanding of the new DAO?

  • Draft Charter
  • Strategic Purpose
  • Mission Vision Values
  • Aragon Manifesto
  • Others

Q1: Are we communicating to build shared understanding on specific topics or is this a more general feedback process?

I ask because I shared feedback with change management consultant Hoola Hoop back in May. I was told in that session that a report would be shared. I waited and asked about that report and never heard anything more - perhaps that’s true for everyone? yet it undermined my trust.

I recognise this is a reflection of my own experience, not connected to DAOCraft. It is my basis for asking though, can we (community) expect this to be an open and transparent process for building shared understanding?

I’m keen to understand how the feedback gathered will be shared. I feel like it could be an important learning artifact for any community redeploying a new DAO. That it could empower the DAO or only those with access to the results.

Q2: Will feedback gathered during the Workshops be shared?

Q3: To what extent will feedback be shared - with AA only, participants only or the broader community?

Q4: Will there be the opportunity to share feedback and discuss topics openly in this forum also?

Q5: Is the process designed to build consensus on topics (i.e Charter) before they are publicly shared?

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Thanks for your comment, @lee0007.

Also, I’m sorry about your bad experience in the past.

We want to make sure that the people feel that they can speak openly, so the level of detail that we’ll share will depend a lot on the conversations.

Another thing that we wanted to clarify is that the objective is to help launch Aragon DAO, and not to share another document that will start collecting dust in an old drawer.

Lastly, I hope that anyone visiting the forums know that anything relevant can be discussed here. So feel free to start an Open Feedback thread.

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I’m hoping for a living document that will help establish a shared understanding of Aragon’s vision, purpose, mission and values, documents to guide the solidarity and collective direction.

We had an ambiguous, complex Charter that served very limited purpose for build shared understanding. Many of us as Ambassadors rallied to the Aragon manifesto (vision) only to find we were instead expected to evidence ‘strategic alignment’, sans any strategic guidance.

Some form of a living document that can provide a foundation and evolve with the new DAO is imo pretty critical - if we are going to address challenges and apply the learnings of the past year.

Is it a realistic expectation that living documents - Charter, Manifesto, Community Guidelines and Strategic Guidance will be shared, discussed and developed based on these workshops? Or to ask another way, what is the expected result(s) of this process?

EDIT: Also while I appreciate it’s an empathetic sentiment can I suggest we avoid apologising for people’s lived experience - unless we are in some way a contributor to harm that they express. I’m sharing my experience (perspective) so that we might not repeat the mistakes of the past.

The reason I share openly (which I recognise can be seen as dominating) is because I am not subject to a NDA that prevents me from publicly expressing concerns. I understand that I am only one person, but I believe at least some of my concerns are shared by others. My hope is that we can apply learning from people already operating within a DAO, as much as those people transitioning to a DAO.

Thanks for your input, @lee0007.

Our Proposal

We do have some ideas from working with other Protocols, and we want to ensure that we tailor our proposal to Aragon. Hence our “looking for feedback” post.


These are the rough categories we’re working with:

  • DAO Design: The technical design of the DAO will be codified by the Charter. It’s important to note that the design is subject to security and legal constraints, and some feedback might be challenging to implement at this level.
  • Governance guidelines: Processes, Practices, and Code of Conduct.
    Beyond the default DAO design, we will list further governance guidelines, processes, and codes of conduct. This is the main area of focus for the stakeholder feedback workshops.
    Many proposals can be explored, and ultimately ANT Holders will decide which standards they wish to signal.
  • Contributor Expectations: There are open questions regarding contributor expectations. Some of these open questions will be decided at the community level, others at the guild level. In any case, we’re expecting these to evolve over time when and practice and should remain open for exploration and discussion at the DAO launch and beyond. This category is meant to start important conversations within the community and teams.

We hope that brings a bit more clarity, and thanks for contributing your time to helping us.

A Decentralized Process

Anyone with any ideas should be fully empowered to propose them to the new DAO. There is not one way of doing things, and ours will be a starting point.

It is up to the ANT Holders (and eventually Delegates) to decide what course of action to follow. As always, the community is welcome to bring forth proposals if they wish so.

Also, people don’t need to agree, they can instead focus on proposing what they think is best and bringing others along. If we find that your ideas are similar to someone else’s, we’ll try to put you in touch in case you want to work together.

Our workshops aim to reach beyond sharing and editing documents. We want to encourage the community to think through and propose alternatives, ask challenging questions and help surface different approaches and perspectives. We don’t aim for everyone to agree, we aim to help surface the best ideas that will generate the most support from the community and, ultimately, from ANT Holders.


Hey @Dante,
Is there a timeline available when the workshops will be held and when do you expect to reach out to participants?


Sending the invites this week.


Sharing open source Code of Conduct
Contributor Covenant: availabe in multiple language translations