Call for volunteers to join a DAO to help launch Aragon Court

As we march towards launching Aragon Court before the end of the year, kicking off Aragon Network’s launch (see launch process here), there is a need for a trusted entity that will finalize the deployment of Aragon Court and will govern it before its governance are transitioned to the Aragon Network DAO on phase 3.

Even though Aragon One will be coordinating the launch of Aragon Court, I deeply believe that Aragon One shouldn’t be in full control of the launch nor be the governors of the court until phase 3 launches.

This is a call for trusted community members to step up and help launch Aragon Court. I expect the time commitment for DAO members to be less than 20 hours total throughout the 3-6 months the full launch takes. There shouldn’t be any technical work involved other than verifying what vote proposers in the DAO are actually proposing at the smart contract level and voting in favor or against.

As de-facto launch coordinators, Aragon One will be deciding the initial member set of this DAO. In order to reduce governance overhead, we are targeting to have a DAO with 5 members. Aragon One will take no more than two member seats in the initial membership of the DAO.

Aragon One will be submitting an AGP for ANV5 in which we will ask ANT holders to ratify this DAO’s authority as the temporary controller of the ANJ token contract. Making the ANJ address part of the AGP as well, we will attempt to have the Network signal the fact that a particular token contract is the official ANJ instance, making it safe for people to stake their ANT for ANJ.

The consequences of a majority of keys in this DAO being compromised would be really really bad, potentially allowing theft of funds. We won’t be asking people to disclose their key management strategy’s (bad opsec, never tell anyone!), but we will lean towards people that we believe can manage secure keys.

I offer myself to be one of the members of this DAO using the same key that I use in the Aragon Association multisig: 0xF0a5486944d315e05dD24A3c106B95d12A105650

If you are interested in being part of this historical launch, please post your address below and pitch yourself a little. On Nov 25th (a little less than 3 weeks from now), I will publish the address of the DAO here in which the selected members will already be in.

Beyond excited,
Jorge :eagle:


I would be honoured to be part of the Aragon Network DAO!

I remember reading about the Aragon Network back in 2017 and it seemed like science fiction. Being part of the organisation that brings it to life would be amazing.


  • I am a long-standing community member
  • I am a member of other DAOs in the ecosystem
  • I am a technically adept crypto user and understand proper key management



Throughout history societies with fair, accountable, and trusted dispute resolution have been able to avoid destructive conflict. This has allowed humans to work together productively. The jurisdictions that can accomplish this often prosper.

The Aragon Network aims to be a global digital jurisdiction for global citizens. For this to be feasible we need to empower everywhere and anywhere to be able to resolve disputes in a fair, accountable, and secure manner. This deeply lacking in the world today. Bringing this to life (and to market) will potentially be one of the greatest things to happen to humanity.

As someone who cares deeply about human empowerment and the Aragon community, I would be happy to contribute :slight_smile:



Super excited to see this coming! As one of the main contributors of the project I propose myself to be part of the governor DAO :slight_smile:



I’ve been watching Aragon from afar ever since the whitepaper. More recently, I’ve been running a ~40 person DAO and actually using the technology day-to-day. I am consistently blown away by the depth and quality of the product — and am excited to support this next evolution.

I am highly technical (lead engineering teams), am a trusted entity (work at Coinbase), and have been practicing strong key management habits for 5+ years. I’d be honored to be a part of this next stage of the Aragon journey.



If I can use my DAO to participate in this DAO, I’m in!

Here’s my DAO’s Agent app address: 0xe4e6ca4c305dd10a9ac243135f818f3de7e7781d