Call for Aragon support: DAO-backed Oracles

Hey Aragonians,

As you might well know EthIndia is happening in Bangalore this weekend and one of our on-boarding partners, IXO foundation, is hacking for DAO-backed Oracles.

A little intro
IXO foundation’s vision is focused on introducing a “verification” layer for the future of impact investments. This means a DAICO for an impact goal can release its pay-outs, bounties & vesting according to unlocked & verifiable milestones.

Currently IXO is working with Quality Education India in order to support around 400.000 students with Development Impact Bonds(DIBs). This is an excellent opportunity to test some of these verification methodologies and present networked oracles as a methodology for the Impact investment ecosystem & DAICO ecosystem at large.

Which brings us back to ETHIndia…

I believe Aragon & the community can support this initiative in a few distinct ways:
a) Although extremely short notice, I think sending a community member who is more or less familiar with the Aragon architecture to hack with IXO’s team. I believe we could fund such activity through the AA or CFDAO
(cc: @LouisGrx)
b) Organizing a call with the IXO ETHIndia team in order to discuss and provide guidance towards an Aragon native solution
(cc: Flock Teams)
c) Pledging an incentive for the hackers according to hackathon deliverables
(cc: @light would this be harmonious with ETHindia’s existing sponsors or could potentially cause a conflict?)

I believe any or all of the efforts mentioned above, if executed would be invaluable, both for the Aragon ecosystem in medium run and our partners in the short run.

I wanted to make this call publicly so that I can receive inputs, recommendations about how we should carry this forward together.


Hey there,

a) I think the AA would be happy to support someone to go there or/and submit a request to the CFDAO
b) Booking a call sounds like the easiest way to secure the situation for now. Do you know who among Flock onboarding teams could address this?
c) This sounds doable but indeed we wouldn’t want to hijack ETHIndia’s efforts and disrupt their partnerships


a) :black_heart::eagle:
b) it would be ideal to have a mechanism oriented call with @lkngtn & @DanielS and a technical call with @osarrouy & @sohkai (I’m sure there are other qualified Aragonians who could help, but these are the ones which come to mind off the top of my head. Also time/bandwidth is an issue due to the tight delivery schedule but let’s see if we can find a way.)

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Thanks Cem for the amazing post :slight_smile:
Given CFDAO takes 1 week to release funds I think at this point AB (or AA) would be ready to pre-fund the expense and subsequently request from CFDAO for whoever with Aragon dev experience can fly to India in next couple of days.
@mikec Would anybody with Futarchy app/Aragon oracle experience be available for a last minute expedition?
b) c) This would be great if we could make a call with EthIndia imminently and announce something within a couple days

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Due to the timing of this request, it is unlikely that someone from A1 will be available on-site to assist.

Unfortunately the linked gDoc’s deliverables are unlikely to be met by an Aragon (and thereby Ethereum) native approach, especially as it seems ixo would like to use their own blockchain.

The general concept of a “DAO-backed oracle network” sounds like something that could be achieved by an “organization” having permission to add or revoke certain accounts from participating as oracles (e.g. MakerDAO’s medianizer governance), however the aforelinked deliverables contain a lot more than this and have not presented me with a good picture of what they would like to do.

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Hi @sohkai -good to be in touch again and thank you for responding to this request.
I agree that the scope and approach could be clearer, so let me summarise as follows:

ixo is a data verification network built on the W3C new standards for linked-data, decentralised identifiers and verifiable claims. By definition, this requires high data throughput and so we have built the data verification machinery on Cosmos. However, the generic capability enables state from the physical world to be validated and verified into state in the cyber world.
This is a critical missing layer for most blockchain architectures, as you know. Most DApps and DAOs ultimately need reliable ways of making reality exist in software.

ixo is interoperable with Ethereum and we have a 2-way Cosmos-Ethereum bridge that enables the ixo validator set to sign transactions on Ethereum.
We are excited about the future extension of capabilities that will become possible through the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol. This will enable transference of Rights across domains. I posted on this yesterday under the Product category in the Aragon forum Should Argon build a DAO module for the Cosmos SDK?

For the Hackathon we would like to build an Aragon app using Aragon OS, to bring the outputs from oracle networks (using ixo protocol) into DAOs.

In our use-case we want to demonstrate how verified inputs from the physical domain can control electronic rights in the cyber domain and how rights in the Cyber domain can control (to some extent) rights of agents in the physical domain.

The context is educational impact bonds for scaling quality primary education in India (currently funding interventions that reach 300k children, but we want to demonstrate how through decentralisation this can scale 10-100x).

We hope to work with Aragon Black on building the funding mechanism for these tokenised alpha-bonds, using Aragon for governance of impact investments and project financing.


It sounds like all you need to do is:

  1. Build a smart contract that logically does what you want it to do
  2. Use either an onlyOwner mechanism or aragonOS’s role-based auth() mechanism to control who has access to the app functions
  3. Set the owner / permission holder of the app to the address of the validator sending transactions