Buy, invest, vest

You’re clearly insecure about your value added here, know that siphoning off a comfy salary for as long as you possibly can is the peak of your professional career given the measly deliverables to date, and are clinging to it for dear life.

You may find it amusing to know that I was appointed as ED for 1y tenure and with a very specific task: execute the transition to the DAO and achieve product and strategic directionality. My variable comp is actually tied to the success of the transition to the DAO, so… no. I am not intending to stay here to syphon funds from anyone. Let me re-phrase: my objective as ED was to “end” AA’s prominent role within the project (with full alignment across AA’s members. The General Assembly of AA already approved last January the conditions of the treasury transfer, and I intend to honour them.

Regarding my value added here, I guess only time will tell. I am no-one to judge that. I co-authored the strategy that AA teams (now Aragon Guilds) are pursuing and led the restructure of the project after 2y of stagnation that crystalized on the launch of thew new Aragon App and aragonOSx in Feb 2023.

Looking forward to hear about your valuable anon inputs on pushing forward the project…

All you’ve listed here is tasks you’ve been assigned with but haven’t made material progress on to date, as if they’re achievements and value adds. How ironic. “I’ve been tasked with XYZ, but as we can see we’re way behind schedule. That’s great value.”

I’m actually not being paid a cent by the project, so my ROC is infinitely better than yours has been to miss deadlines and jeopardize legal standing by proving centralization of control, FYI. Happy to take over if you’re struggling with your role of signing a few transactions to transfer assets to the DAO. I’ll even do it for free.

As I said, looking forward to hearing your valuable contributions to the project :kissing_heart:

(There’s a few open positions in the project in case you are interested)

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Why not ask a lawyer (which the AA has retained) and come back with a conclusive answer on the topics of ragequit tax liabilities and buyback legality rather than creating your own unsure solutions and tagging a random forum member who may or may not be a lawyer? It would be a lot more productive.

As I said, I’m not paid a cent by the project. Your bureaucratic commie roots are showing; “You’re not allowed to criticize politicians because you aren’t one”. Give it up Joan, ragequit at book value is happening. You have already lost. Hopefully your next role won’t allow you to sponge off a treasury so early, and you’ll be held to some level of accountability.

(There are some open positions at plenty of government agencies if you do insist on a cushy sponging ‘job’ in future, though.)

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LOL I have to admit you managed to make me burst in laughs with the “bureaucratic commie roots”. Your really got me there :joy:

keep the anon accounts coming!

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  1. Please keep the discussion respectful, avoid personal insults, etc. (Now would be a good time for a moderator to formally remind everyone what the rules of this forum are.)

  2. The Swiss tax liability discussion came up several times in the context of last year’s treasury proposal. I think it would be helpful to get formal clarity on this under all possible scenarios / paths forward so that it could be taken into account when finalizing and/or voting on proposals. Also, it would provide useful info to other DAOs who may be considering tying their activities to Switzerland while also aspiring to progressively decentralize (esp. as Switzerland has long been positioning itself as a crypto/DAO-friendly jurisdiction).


Just a reminder, you’re more than welcome to participate in constructive conversation about the topic at hand. However, personal attacks wont be permitted here. Not only do they not add anything to the conversation, but they distract others from the important points at hand. .

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So why has the treasury transfer missed every single deadline which was proposed? Passed almost a year ago. Was supposed to be fully finished of feburary this year. But only sent 300k because people finally started to ask about it? Does this not seem weird at all?

Why in 2022 the team managed to burn 10% of its treasury while paying themselves incredibly handsomely while then deleting the transparency reports?

The longer this dialogue goes the more disingenuous actions by the team have begun coming to light.

You’ve been hired in july last year. 10 months of hard work, probably, very well compensated. So far:

  • The DAO has less than 1% of the treasury
  • There have been no plans to move more funds and decentralize the supply of wANT.
  • There are no revenues and no plans to generate some in the future.

I get that @atack’s comments may be a bit spicy, but I think they bear some underlying value (like ANT tokens! :grinning:). Anons are anons, but they’re as good as any to call when the king is naked.

Anyway, back on the topic:

  • Can you or anyone from the AA provide a detailed report of the treasury and the expenses? The deleted transparency report was a joke and I’m sure you have a better one, as you have to comply with the Swiss tax admin.

  • Please explain what the 40M$ “tax and liabilities” are. Those appeared magically and don’t fit the narrative around the 5% expenses tax. Did the AA take on debt lately?



@Joan_Arus I would agree @atack went about raising the issue the wrong way but given your current speed of moving the treasury across we wont be complete until after the year 2100. Don’t you think this needs to be addressed?

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The purpose stated here is false, unless proven otherwise. There is no such thing as an Aragon association registered in Switzerland - unless we can see any documents proving it exists how can we believe anything?

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Thank you, final thing i wanted to see is just the actual documents - i think it is important to have it public and easily accessible, the website section for aragon association should provide easy access to all this information.

I find it interesting you have ample time to reply to “anon” accounts on the forum rather than to preform your duties to Aragon:

All of @Yakitori’s claims are still true over a month later

  • Less than 1% of the treasury is in the hands of the DAO
  • you have made no effort to consolidate the treasury in a turbulent market
  • no liability report has been made

Does it really take over 24 days to preform this duty? Or what is actually going on here - i think we’d all love to understand.

You stated you were hired to preform this job solely - why are you still not preforming it?

It seems to me you are not acting in accordance to your fiduciary duties to the DAO itself, Is there a reason for this? Or are you purposely dragging this on to continue getting paid for a job you have not been satisfying.

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