Building a mobile dapp on Aragon OS

We are creating a DAO and need to run it predominantly on mobile phones. Are there any precedents within Aragon for building mobile dapps? And if there are - what are the costs to run them? There are alternatives for running some transactions and voting independently from the Ethereum Blockchain but costs would still be significant.
Any input is much appreciated!


Hey @ronaldo-NL, could you share more information on what you are trying to build? Meaning, is this a native app or a mobile view? Or do you mean that you aim to create a regular DAO with our client, and access over mobile phones?

Regarding voting, stay tuned for some Aragon news, as we have some interesting plans on how to improve the overall costs and experience :slight_smile:


Hi Ramon,

thank you for reaching out to me!

Yes we will be building a native app and aim to create a DAO that is accessed through people’s cell phone. Do you have any recommendations?

DAO is going to be focused on data exchange where owners of data can give permission for access and in exchange earn tokens for it. It is linked to the current pandemic.

Our vision is big and therefore transaction cost management will play a vital role for our decision with whom we will launch. We have noted your decision to move to xDai chain to lower costs. We would need to know the specifics of how transactions will be priced in this new framework.

Hi @ronaldo-NL :wave:

I can think of Web3.swift for Ethereum iOS, but I’m not aware of any specific use case I could share to you. If you happen to find it, let us know!

Regarding lowering the costs, we’re about to release Aragon Govern, which is actually play a big role on this. On the repository, you can find see the latest contract improvements deployed on Rinkeby, so feel free to test it out :slight_smile:

Hi Isabella,

Thank you for your last email! When will Aragon Govern go live?

We are not confident yet in how the implementation of a mobile dapp would connect with Aragon Govern if we were to use it as our DAO platform. I guess we are on uncharted territory here.

But theoretically, would each mobile device need the aragon platform installed - basically being a node itself - in order for the DAO members to have full functional capabilities ? In our DAO, members store a verifiable credential on the dapp and can create and fill out surveys which will be queried by other members and for which they send tokens as an incentive/payment. Different permissions and voting capabilities will also be required.
Thank you for any suggestions you may have

If lots of people want to build a similar App on Aragon perhaps then it makes sense to have a crowdfunding site where all those developer can create and fund a DAO to work together on similar components they all need. I think if you build open source tools its a more productive work environment if DAOs / Organisations work together and don’t fork of each other and accuse one another of stealing “my” open source idea. Sure everyone who is not part of the DAO can still fork the code but if they join they get help from the DAO how to implement it they get access to the forum etc. Perhaps they can even share profits from all the different front ends into the DAO.

Ronaldo, think of the Aragon DAO insfrasctructure as a common “backend” - meaning, there is no need to have it “installed” in all mobile devices. Any frontend can interact directly with this backend by using the APis it will have available.

Just as web dapps can do requests and interact with ethereum through web3 js, mobile apps could do the same with any available web3 libraries for Android or iOS.

Of course you would need to check if all the functionality available at Govern is enough for your DAO needs (at least in the short term, since we are always aiming to evolve it).

@Moyou we absolutely wants more community collaboration, and this community DAO you propose is under my pipeline of ideas :slight_smile: