Build treasury management Aragon app with Balancer Proposal

Build treasury management Aragon app with Balancer Proposal

PandaPower DAO is a mercenary organization from the East aims to reclaim the land of web3.

Proposal Information

We will build an Aragon app with Balancer protocol, that can satisfy the funds management and token liquidity requirement of DAO.

  • Integrate with new Balancer contract thats called configurable rights pool with dynamic assets weight configurable by voting.
  • Allow the DAOs token holders to vote on a change to the vaults’ weighting distribution post creation and ensure that the Balancer pool is updated accordingly.
  • Enable an Aragon DAO to vote on it’s vault token weighting distribution
  • Create a pool on Balancer that automatically adjusts the vaults holdings in accordance with agreed upon weightings
  • Ensure that pools fees generated from the Balancer Pool (inc. BAL rewards) are distributed directly back to the DAO.

We will release an Aragon app that can be installed by any existing or new Aragon DAO and the app will be accessible through Aragon Connect with a proof of concept launched on

Proposal Rationale
The DAO which create by using aragon client can use treasury management App to manage their assets and get the swap fee sustainable, at the same time DAO can get their token swap in Balancer exchange app. This app will be beneficial the DAO and DAO ecosystem,

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Duration and milestones of project

delivery date Milestone
2020-08-01 ~ 2020-08-25 Technical pre-research, assemble a team and init the project
2020-08-26 ~ 2020-09-12 Build the demo with MVP functional and test in rinkeby
2020-09-12 ~ 2020-10-17 Release the APP in mainnet , collect bugs, Aragon Connect adaption
2020-10-17 ~ 2020-10-31 Product release

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

  • Caos
    As a blockchain technology enthusiasts, Caos is now serving the role of leading developer and tech head of KuChain. He is a full stack developer with rich Dapp development and public chain related tool library R&D experience. Caos used to work with ASCH as chain application engineer. He has been the teaching assistant of a second-phase substrate course co-organized by Polkadot community, also the member of Aragon China, DAOSquare and MetaCartel Ventures China.
  • Yifei Wu
    He has 3 years of smart contract and blockchain R&D experience and has a good understanding of overall blockchain architecture. He is former blockchain tech lead at LOTS, and lead blockchain engineer at ARPA. Currently as CTO of Cdot network he focuses on cross-chain protocols and Substrate. He keeps giving lectures about smart contract, blockchain basics and Ethereum yellow paper to new employees. He was among the lecturers of the first blockchain course in Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. As a blockchain engineer and product manager, he has won several hackthons related to cross-chain and Substrate in the last year.
    He has co-authored Interchain Standard 10. He is a Polkadot technical ambassador, having written many articles and tutorials about Polkadot and Substrate and has given a talk at Web3 Summit in 2019. He is also one of the editors of (Chinese largest Rust community) and is teaching assistant at blockchain developer oriented courses including Ethereum, Substrate and Blockstack.
  • Lei Wang
    Full stack engineer, senior front end engineer serving the top three exchanges in the world.
  • Tao
    Fullstack developer , member of Aragon China and DAOSquare , Pharaoh of HackDAO
    “Hack for freedom” winning team members

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of ANT requested:

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
We use that fund to rent server and pay the R&D costs
And the part of the fund will be stored in the DAO account for the future cost

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