Buidler plugin 0.1.0 release

The new Buidler plugin has been out there in the wild for a couple of weeks already. Since the official announcement on February 14th, there have been hundreds of npm downloads, 4 stars, and even one external PR. Yey!!

Migrating Existing Apps

On the meantime, we’ve been super busy, taking the plugin for a spin. Only a few minor changes were needed on the plugin itself to support the migration of all the official Aragon apps to the new set up. The @aragon/buidler-aragon 0.1.0 release accommodates such changes.

We’ve even gone ahead and started proposing migrations to apps from other teams, like 1Hive’s awesome Conviction Voting app. The changes on the apps themselves were surprisingly trivial to make, involving a few simple mechanical steps. We’ll be posting a tutorial on this migration process soon. On the meantime, if you’re eager to try out the migration on your own apps, check out the PRs linked above to get a glimpse of how easy this is.

Experimental and Upcoming Features

We’re also working on some experimental new features, such as an interactive mode that spins up a Blessed UI. Another interesting feature in the works uses the toolkit to give the plugin the ability to publish apps to the APM.

There’s so many things that this new tool can do for us, but we’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know by completing this survey (shouldn’t take more than 5 mins of your time).