Bounty proposal for a self service product analytics platform

Hi Aragon community,

We are team Scout and we are building a self service data analytics platform for the community.

One of the challenges that we see most blockchain protocol teams face is the lack of professional tools to understand, aggregate and analyze the product analytics data that’s buried inside blockchain. Generic block explorers or ad hoc solutions seem to be the only choices at this moment. Coming from product management background, we know that’s far from perfect. We want to fill that gap.

In the past month, we have started laying down the groundwork for you. We have published a series of Aragon charts and dashboard via the Scout platform. Thank you for the inputs, Brett, Luke, Jorge and John.

You can see the live dashboard here:

We’d like to ask for 2100 DAI total to cover the cost of our technology infrastructure in the next three months (Feb, March and April). In these three months, we plan to

  1. Provide more support for different types of visualizations such as customizable tables, histogram chart, mixed type charts.

  2. Make the platform more self-service. Today, 90% of the charts in the above dashboard were done by us. We plan to decrease that number to at least 50%.

  3. We will start publishing tutorials on how to discover Aragon related product analytics data on the Ethereum blockchain in case any other members are interested.

Here are some screenshots of the current product:

Setting up dashboard:

Protocol activities:

We hope you will consider our proposal. Should you have any questions, feel free to email me:

Thank you
Team Scout


Just wanted to say I’ve got this dashboard bookmarked and check it frequently!

@huangkuan has been incredibly responsive and helpful in surfacing some important metrics–my favorites are value secured and monthly active organizations. :+1:


Thanks! More to come. We have a team of dedicated engineers working on this product full time.

Our goal is to make this product available to every Ethereum protocol team. We believe that’s the only way to make this platform sustainable and scalable in the long run.

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This look very good thanks @huangkuan. Even though there is a similar proposal for daolist I would also vote to approve this proposal. I think it’s good to have multiple teams taking different approaches to the project of DAO analytics. One question I have, is or will any of your work on Scout be open source?


We will gradually open source the core code on how we reindex and parse the blockchain data. It is to our best interest to provide transparency to our users.

As a small team, we are laser point focus on fixing bugs and shipping features now. So open sourcing is not our top priority at this moment. There are definitely spaghetti codes here and there that we want to refactor and clean up before sharing with the public. We’re hoping to do some open sourcing later this year.


Bumping this in relation to: How to make proposals to the Community Funding DAO


Hi, I just requested a transfer and a vote has been created.


A reminder for anyone interested in voting on this proposal, the vote is currently active and will end in the next two days. :ballot_box::ballot_box::ballot_box:

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Looks like the proposal was approved for funding:

Looking forward to seeing the progress on the items mentioned in this thread.