Bounty Marketplace

the Bounty Marketplace is there so Aragon Apps can be developed in a decentralized way for people around the world.

In the Aragon Bounty Marketplace
Bounty Hunters stake ANT to reduce platform fees and appeal rejected submissions.
Bounty Sheriffs stake ANT to review Bounty Hunter submissions.
Bounty Host post bounties and pay rewards in ANT / DAOtoken / AppToken

Bounty Hunters can organize themselves into a WorkingGroup which specialized on certain Tasks.

Bounty Hosts can create a Founty Futarchy auction for their Bounties to figure out how much they have to pay. LevelK presented a Futarchy Aragon App on Aracon2019 (18:50)

In this why different prices for bounties can be compared and a market value for bounties can be figured out.

The Bounty Marketplace is linked to Milestone App

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