Blancer Aragon App

An app for DAOs to balance their treasury on So not every DAO has to program the Agent to connect with balancer just an app you can install.

Also an interesting concept is Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) β€” a smart pool template that allows teams to release a project token while at the same time building deep liquidity.

This could be integrated into the fundraising app. So a DAO could raise funds by using a LBP.

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I was chatting with George from Balancer the other day about building exactly this so chuffed to see you bring it up as a proposal. It’s a complete no brainer in my opinion: More professional treasury management + DAOs make money at the same time from contributing to the pool.

I actually think there are 3 separate Aragon-Balancer apps here: Treasury Management, Fundraising, Liquidity Bootstrapping

Hoping Balancer can provide some support to make it happen :slight_smile:

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nice :slight_smile:

yes fundraising and liquidity would be one app (fundraising app) and treasury management and yield farming the other app (finance app)

I just listened to the Epicenter podcast episode " Fernando Martinelli: Balancer – The Automated Market Maker Protocol for Liquidity #350"

A lending/borrow app (finance app) is useful as well where DAOs can lend/borrow their assets through this apps which is connected to protocols like maker or compound etc.

I think it is very useful for a DAO to have all the apps like uniswap, balancer, compound, maker etc. so they have a good overview over which services the DAO is using and one interface to manage all those services.