Biggest ANT Holder Transparency

I just looked at and
and I was wondering who are the biggest holder of ANT? 1 token 1 vote so it’s important to know. I think the transparency can be improved.
This tool visualize bitcoin transactions would be nice to have something like this for Aragon addresses so all know addresses can be labeled there. so when people click on them they see the democratic structure of Aragon.

It would be a great improvement if addresses of teams/aragon projects are labeled with the name. so when ANT grants are distributed those addresses can be labeled as Aragon Projects with the name.

16.4029% Aragon Foundation (Association) (Luis and Jorge Multisig)
8.9751% 0xfd15c8396824A120F12c867781885d7fACfB8e77 (Aragon one?)
8.7028% Bittrex 1
7.5739% 0x03af24a6db8e011b86c32960ec6ede52ae5906fb (Autark?)

:sweat_smile: definitely not Autark :slight_smile:

Here is our multisig, we have 25,000 ANT, which was a reward from our Nest work.

In January 2020 or so, we will receive 87,500 ANT which is 25% of our allocation from AGP-19.


Would like to see something like this: