Best practices around link/article sharing

This comment was in response to a link that was shared without context. After several back and forth comments we determined that there was not sufficient information provided for new users to engage with the Aragon Community Forum, so we fixed that. High fives all around :slight_smile:

What’s the TL;DR and/or your personal takeaway?

No TL;DR, if people can’t be bothered to read a very quick and relevant blog post from Robin Hanson (inventor of Futarchy) I’m sorry for they are missing out. Personal takeway is that it is exciting food for thought in what can be done with Aragon.

Now, my understanding of your message is that mine is probably too short to belong in the forum, is that it? Also is my understanding correct that you are moderating here now? Moderation isn’t easy so I don’t want to make your life harder, although please be careful this moderation style does not backfire by reducing the community participation. That being said, if you believe this type of short post does not belong here then I’ll very respectfuly refrain going forward.

First, sorry that best practices around sharing information were not made clear. If you’re going to post something please explain what it is and why you think it’s relevant. Looking at the forum’s welcome thread it really doesn’t provide any useful information or best practices around this. I’ll update that right away. So sorry about the confusion and thanks for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:

To answer your other question, I’m not a moderator on this form (you can see those here). The purpose of moderators is to resolve disputes. That being said, I am an admin on this forum (you can see those here). Admins design and manage the UI/UX of the forum itself. I’m also Head of Growth for the AA and one of my goals is to make sure that people who want to learn about, use, or contribute to Aragon can easily do so. Part of that includes updating the forum so that it’s easier for people to find and engage with information. As you can see, that’s a WIP lol. If you have any further suggestions on how we can improve the forum UI/UX and/or contributor experience please share in the Site Feedback category. Thanks.

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I understand, thank you for clarifying. I’ll make an effort. :slight_smile:

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would be nice if this post could have the tag “relevant read” and then a title and a short description and then the link this would be perfect I think.


Added the “relevant read” tag. Do you feel like this topic now reflects what you had in mind, or could it still be better?

Yes I think to have a tag “relevant read” for both governance and ecenomics research would be nice. perhaps a tag “relevant watch” or “relevant audio”? or put all together into “interesting info”?

Let’s keep it simple for now, and it there’s an overwhelming volume of relevant reads or interesting info for multiple categories then we can explore creating category specific tags. Atm I like the ring of “interesting info” so let’s go with that. Open to any other suggestions too though :slight_smile:

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