Balancer DAOpool

on you can create shared pools to earn interest on your tokens by providing liquidity to a liquidity pool. Those shared pools are fixed so once created the settings stay always the same and can’t be changed. Now has smart pools which are sharedPools managed by a centralized entity. is such a smartpool but the centralized entity is a DAO. Now the smartpool is managed by DOUGH holders. pieDAO is only one of many smartPools on Balancer. Soon there will be many. For DAOs it would be useful do have an App where they see all smartPools and the token holders of the DAO can choose those smartPools by voting (dot voting) to the different smartpools and based on the distribution of the dots the assets in the DAO will be allocated to those smartPools.

Perhaps you could add aragon agreements if a DAO provides their assets to a smartPool, to protect the DAO from potential harm (smartPool mismanagement) Like if the smartPool acts against the agreement then XYZ happens.

What if I can go on Balancer and have next to the option “shared pool” , “private pool” and “smart Pool” also the option “DAO Pool”. A DAOpool is a balancer Pool which is governed by the users who provide liquidity to the pool. By voting (dot voting) they choose the smartPools which are managing part of the liquidity in the pool based on the votes. The distribution of funds to those smart Pools can change all the time through the ongoing dot voting mechanism.