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:hatching_chick: Nest Grant $100k ($75k + $25k in ANT)

:eagle: Flock Grant 1 $585k ($390k + 350k ANT)

:eagle: Flock Grant 2 $1,843,750 ($1,600k + 487,500 ANT)

Autark is a new organization that is to be established for the purpose of advancing life on Earth, with a special focus on DAOs, Aragon, worker-autonomy, and access to tools that support the global development of complex mega-projects.


Humans have flourished as a result of large scale coordination, but today’s global challenges demand we collaborate in unprecedented ways. Autark is an Aragon Network organization and our aim is to leverage these new challenges as an opportunity for revolutionizing work. Explore our apps


We are a mesh of individuals from all over the world that share a common belief that open source collaboration will lead towards improving and advancing civilization.

What have they built?

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