Autark: Rolling Status Updates

This is a rolling thread to discuss and present what Autark and its partner for AGP-73, Open Work Labs, are developing.

We plan to release new features and enhancements every month, with the next target release at the end of December. Note: Cadence for mainnet releases may change in the future, when we start focusing on developing newer contracts that require audits.

Work in progress

  • Integrate deep linking into Open Enterprise apps
  • Alternative Open Enterprise template for a two-token DAO, which integrates with the experimental token manager.
    • We finished the contract based on early ideas, but our template doesn’t have the Agent app in it, and we are getting multiple user requests to add it, so we are going to re-evaluate to current architecture to make it more flexible.
      • We are also rethinking the front-end to determine the best way to either create a one token or two token DAO, so we can only maintain one template.
  • Projects: Allow work to be submitted to bounties without requiring an application. Improve how we handle bounty statuses. Optimize filtering.
  • Allocations: Ability to edit budgets. Ability to view a detail page for an allocation. Summary metrics on Allocations landing page. See Figma designs
  • Implement “quick win” accessibility enhancements to Open Enterprise.
  • Open Enterprise Maintenance: polishing up the frontend and fixing small bugs. Implement end-to-end testing and improve our general release management processes.
  • The security audit was completed for an experimental Token Manager that supports quasi-transferable tokens. We made changes and it was re-reviewed and given the green light. We plan to do some final testing and then publish to hatch.aragonpm.eth. We will use this token for our Autark community DAO.
  • Address Book identity resolution (showing names from the Address Book app instead of ethereum addresses throughout Aragon) is pending review from A1


Besides the WIP items described above, some of our top priority items for the next 4 weeks:

Enabling Organization Insights

  • True up our Home app to be in line with the aragonDS, and release it to mainnet as the “About app”. This will allow organizations to start using the features, even if it’s not part of the client yet.
  • Write up technical specifications and perform design explorations for the AGP-73 Organization Insights initiative

aragonSDK & Aragon client

Not covered in AGP // contributing to the commons

  • Improve onboarding UX: Enhance how the onboarding UI conveys that a transaction is in progress and add help references to mitigate failures.
  • Token API and token dropdown component for aragonUI, to make it easier for Aragon App developers to adopt the standards in how to render tokens in a dropdown.
  • Radspec helpers for grabbing a date based on block number (historic or estimate) and for json files stored on IPFS

Expanding Projects

  • Continue adding new features to expand bounty capabilities and optimize the UX
  • Initial MVP feature set for decentralized projects app that allows creating projects and issues without needing Github

Experimental Open Enterprise Version

A big thanks to Aragon One for keeping up with the constant flow of incoming PRs to Aragon repositories. We’ve been working on a number of new features that are ready (or just about!) for Aragon One’s review, but we’re not sure in which order to prioritize them. To submit them all at once would be overwhelming for core maintainers. Here is the feature list and their current status:

Feature Link Status
3Box identity resolution github We’re waiting on new 3box profile API changes to get merged and released, which will solve a few bugs that we need in order for this to work bug-free.
Smart contract based discussions in Dot Voting Discussions app

Relies on the forwarded actions API enhancements
Open Enterprise’s template has an option for including DIscussions in Dot-Voting, but Discussion’s can’t operate with 100% flexibility until the forwarded actions API is merged and working.
Native aragon profiles (built on 3box) Aragon client branch We’re still evaluating when/how to merge this native profile into the aragon client:

- 3Box is an extremely heavy package that nearly doubles the size of the aragon client
- The profile designs were made before the new AragonUI release, so their designs are old
- We haven’t fully validated the demand for aragon profiles from real user groups
Custom organization profiles Figma design Design feedback from Aragon One was received last week and the comments will be addressed by Autark this week.
Indexing org profiles on the web and Google (SEO) - Forum discussion
- GitHub issue
Work is currently being spec’d out.
Aragon IPFS data stores for user generated content. - Motivation
- Quasar
- Custom aragon client with Quasar support
Being tested with a custom aragon client version. Will be used for saving organization profile data (once that feature is built)
Aragon.js support for interacting with smart contract governed IPFS nodes No relevant link yet Work has started this week. We will be testing this feature with the Projects app.

We’d like to start conducting usability studies for all these features, so we are planning to deploy a version of Open Enterprise to test them. We’d love to get feedback from the community to understand which features are most important and which can be improved, so we can evaluate our priorities and dev resources with the community in mind.

We hope to have this deployed end of this year, or early 2020. We’re really excited to hear from you!

Product Roadmap Update

Current target quarters are as follows for when each product initiative is estimated to reach completion. There will always be regular maintenance and upkeep, and there may be a potential shift in priorities based on user research or other demands. We will update this roadmap in subsequent updates, in the situation where we have new projections.

Target Quarter Initiative
Q4 2019 - Maintaining Open Enterprise
Q1 2020 - Expanding Projects
- Enabling Organization Insights
- Facilitating Smart Contract Based IPFS Pinning
Q2 2020 - Expanding Finance / Allocations
- Expanding Social
Late July 2020 - Enabling New Governance Mechanisms
- Making Aragon More Inclusive

Note: The Making Aragon More Inclusive initiative has open questions about priorities, based on @sohkai’s feedback in our AGP-73 forum thread. Internationalization may not be a top priority and this would have to be prioritized into Aragon One’s roadmap due to how many different Aragon One managed repos it touches.

Review AGP-73 for more details on each of the initiatives


Wow really like this Status Update format!!! Concrete and comprehensive.

About discussions: is it something that developers would be able to add to any app? How is UX flow going to look like? Can this be tested now?