Autark Flock Proposal



Last year we won a Nest grant to develop a Planning Suite for Aragon which has been under production. And now we want to go all in and become a Flock team that focuses fully on building the Aragon ecosystem. We are calling this team “Autark”!

Autark sees the adoption of Aragon as a way of expediting the future of work and society; one tailored around worker-autonomy, solidarity, reclaiming freedom, reclaiming land, and ultimately the stewardship for Planet Earth and all of its citizens.

Check out our AGP and Flock proposal:

In the next few days we are going to share more about the work we have done on the Planning Suite (including a video demo), our team, and vision for the future!

Looking forward to feedback and also looking forward to your “Yes” vote later this month!

AGP Vote #1 Megathread
Community Initiative: Aragon Cooperative 🙌

In the full proposal there are a number of milestones that I think are worth discussing in greater detail:

Cross-Application User Experience

This seems to address a challenge associated with developing Aragon Apps. I would love to see some discussion related to the pros-cons, would these changes make developing Aragon Apps easier? would it make certain types of application or UX decisions possible that are not currently possible, possible?

Contextual Discussions

This sounds really useful, discussion is really important in governance. However, it also feels like something that may be quite complex / costly to build on decentralized infrastructure and I wonder whether it makes sense at this stage to move that direction versus rely on centralized alternatives like github/forums that are loosely coupled. E.g. something put to a vote could provide a link to a discussion forum where the actual discussion could take place.

It would be interesting I think to explore the pros/cons and the marginal benefits of decentralizing and fully integrating this into the application at this stage.

Rich User Profiles

While Aragon One’s identity app will provide much-needed features; an identity is more than a name, bio, ENS domain, and avatar. We propose to expand identities to allow for more rich profiles. This will be useful as the network of organizations within Aragon grows and a freelancer culture develops. This supplementary data can be useful in assessing allegiances, expertise, and clout.

I think this is really cool, digging the future of work vibe. I think this aligns well with the planning suite stuff, though it does feel like user profiles makes more sense for user to manage externally from the Aragon client (ala 3box). Though it would be nice for address badges in the app to link to a users profile, or a summary of specific parts of the users profile.

Expanding Governance Possibilities

Implementing a reputation system within Aragon will expand governance possibilities and allow the usage of Aragon for reputation-based governance without requiring the integration of external applications such as Colony or DAOstack which can add security risks.

The most logical place to implement the reputation system will be within the Projects application. To support reputation, changes to the Token Manager will be required, to allow minting a special type of quasi-transferable tokens that can be transferred only by a whitelist of addresses (e.g. the Standard Bounties contract or a specific Aragon application). Additionally, the Projects app will have to be enhanced to allow multiple tokens to be allocated to bounties.

The end goal is that when a user completes a task using the Projects app, they can collect a variety of tokens – standard ERC-20s in addition to non-transferable reputation tokens.

This would be rad, while its currently “possible” to use the token manager to issue non-transferrable tokens that represent reputation, I think streamlining the UX of reputation issuance and integrating that with apps for assigning tasks is really high leverage. Would personally be very eager to use this!

At the moment, there are only two templates: Multisig and Democracy. To expand governance possibilities and allow for an easier user experience when a new DAO is being deployed, it will be beneficial to develop additional templates for the ecosystem. As part of this initiative we aim to create one additional template that will support reputation-based organizations.

I agree that the current templates are not all that useful, though I personally am a bit wary of going down the “add more templates route” as I think the power of Aragon as a platform is customizability/modularity – I made a suggestion for all organizations to start at the same blank slate, and then have onboarding guide users through installing apps and configuring permissions to meet their specific usecase. I would much rather see the process of customizing organizations improve over increasing the number of static templates available.

Data Storage and Standards

This feels like an important question for all web3 dapps, though I wonder if it makes sense for us to address at this time, I know there is a lot of external infrastructure work happening right now (e.g the graph, filecoin, swarm) and wonder if we can postpone our need for such things until those projects mature as I think trying to take this on ourselves could easily balloon in scope.

Would love to hear thoughts from people who are more in the know about the challenge and needs (e.g. actual devs :D).

DAO Identity

I like this, it seems like a common ask from users to be able to customize the app to some degree. I think simple and high leverage things would be the ability to pin a specific app to the home page that loads by default, the ability to define a custom logo, and have an onboarding/wiki page app that allows the organization to present information to its users/community when they first launch the organization.

I’m less convinced that we need theme support, especially early on.

Rather than theme support, it feels like internationalization would be in a similar vein/scope and provide a lot more value.

Rewards Application and Planning Suite

The Rewards Application and Planning Suite is I think one of the most important nest projects, but I think many may not be aware of the scope of the project and what has already been completed. It would be great to showcase that a bit more and highlight how it fits in with some of these other initiatives.

I see finishing the planning suite deliverables and improving support for reputation management as potential catalysts for adoption for Aragon.