Attract Software Engineers to the Aragon/DAO Ecosystem

Conviction Funding Proposal: Attract Software Engineers to the Aragon/DAO Ecosystem

About the Community DAO

The purpose of the Community is to provide out-of-school children with access to quality basic education. We aim to solve what we believe to be one of the world’s most urgent problems; More than 64 million children out-of-school and not being able to read/write a single word.

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

  • The Community develops free and open source software (FOSS) for teaching out-of-school children the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Our proposal is to assign a DAI value to our GitHub issues to incentivize more software engineers to contribute, in particular those engineers who are not already familiar with Aragon/DAOs.

  • Once a software engineering task is completed (and peer reviewed), we will educate the engineer on how to interact with a Web3 wallet and the Aragon DAO in order to initiate a withdrawal from the DAO’s funds.

Proposal Rationale

  • We are committed to continue using Aragon to organize our work. The problem we are working on solving is global in nature, so by enabling collaboration without borders or intermediaries, Aragon is a valuable technology for us. The way we can help benefit the Aragon community and DAO ecosystem is by introducing more people to this new technology. In our community we work with contributors of different types, e.g. Android developers, Machine Learning (ML) engineers, and content creators. And most of them have never interacted with a Web3 wallet or an Aragon DAO before.

  • So our contribution to Aragon (and the DAO ecosystem as a whole) is to make more people aware of this new way of organizing online communities.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

We expect to pay out the funds to software engineers contributing to the community over the next 3 months (Oct, Nov, Dec). Milestones for software engineering tasks are available at

Team Information

  1. Nya Elimu, AI tutor, Twitter, GitHub

  2. Jo Grimstad, Software architect, GitHub

  3. Gema Sánchez, Android engineer, Twitter, GitHub

  4. Frode Bang, Node.js developer, Twitter, GitHub

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

The team participated in Aragon’s Hack for Freedom hackathon in July, and was selected as one of the winners after having integrated the Community’s website with Aragon Connect for receiving and visualizing Ethereum donations. For those interested in more information about what we implemented, go to

Funding Information

Amount of ANT requested: 720 (8% of total)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0xD0ed0F545227fCaF774ddB9b47095cB7605Dc179

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used: Funds will be gradually paid out (from the Aragon DAO) to community contributors upon completing each corresponding GitHub issue (and after token holders have voted yes for the withdrawal).

To support our proposal, go to


As part of this project, we could also use for posting bounties (linked to GitHub issues).