Aramask: Aragon account plugin for Metamask

Aramask allows DAO users to add a special contract account to their Metamask wallet and use it to manage Aragon Agent (like the Frame wallet does). It is based on the new Metamask Plugin System, which is currently in the very early stage of development. There are several known issues and UX is far from perfect.

Check the GitHub Repo:


So stoked to see this!

There are quite a few dapps that require Metamask specifically (eg Set Protocol) but would be really useful with Agent.

This is so cool! :slight_smile:

Do you know if/when the Metamask plugin system will be stable?

They said “sometime in 2020” :slight_smile:

Latest estimation is the end of the year:



Gonna be a long wait!! But it’s nice to see it will happen.

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