aragonSDK Working Group

On behalf of Ale, Daniel, Matthew, Otto, and myself, I would like to announce the creation for the aragonSDK Working Group. The long-term objective of this Working Group is to make building on top of Aragon, our developer experience (DX), powerful, delightful, and above all, simple.

This Working Group’s scope is meant to eventually include all developer-facing Aragon products, including (as of writing), aragonJS libraries, aragonOS contracts, and aragonCLI. However, for the next 3-6 months (until Q2 2020), the Working Group will be primarily focused on aragonCLI as it is the most immediate developer-facing product.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask if any other community members were interested in contributing, either to the codebase or giving feedback and direction to external interfaces. We’d love to hear more about your experience, what has gone well and was easy, and what has been really frustrating.

A survey is also available for feedback on your experience with aragonCLI:

As of today, we have started scoping refactor work that will be included aragonCLI v7. v7 will be focused on reducing existing technical debt and increasing stability, while maintaining most of the existing external interface.

Roadmap discussions for new features or changes to simplify the external interface have begun, but are paused until v7’s work nears completion.

Related documentation, as of writing:

Our aim is to initially keep the Working Group lean. We have stand ups every Tuesday and Thursday to coordinate discussions and development tasks, and use a shared Aragon chat channel (wg-sdk) for offline discussion. Larger discussions and decisions will be facilitated through the existing bi-weekly All Devs calls.

If you’d like to join the development effort, please join the wg-sdk channel :).


Cool! Just posting here in case anyone wants to reach out to me.


Building on Brett introduction. I like to share a survey we are doing to gather feedback on the state of the aragonCLI. This information will help us to decide which steps we want to take. If you used the aragonCLI at some point, we will appreciate your help, link to the survey.


Survey questions are quite well designed, just submitted my feedback :slight_smile:

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