AragonDAO Conflict Management Workshops

AragonDAO’s Umbrella Team, in association with GravityDAO, is excited the announce the start of our own Conflict Management Training course, starting Thursday 23rd June. GravityDAO are experts in this space, and we are lucky to have some of their talented team to provide these training workshops, to focus on practical topics that attendees will be able to use to improve the culture and functioning of the AN DAO ecosystem and beyond.

The main focus of these workshops will be to train participants to become skilled in conflict management, with the opportunity to become a second negotiator in active cases being managed by GravityDAO on behalf of AN DAO, but with a medium to long term goal of establishing our own team of conflict management negotiators, that can be relied upon to instill a positive conflict culture within AN DAO and to manage any conflict cases that will arise.

There will be 5 training classes in total, of 1 hour each, to be held twice a week to allow interested parties in different time zones to attend. These will be held bi-weekly on a Thursday at 20.00 UTC and Friday at 14.30 UTC.

These will all be hosted on the Aragon Discord server.

Class topics will be:

June 23rd/24th - Transforming Conflict

July 7th/8th - Deep democracy, error culture and inclusion

July 21st/22nd - Liberating structures

August 4th/5th - Wellbeing in workspaces, burnout and psychology

August 18/19th - Conflict roleplay

Please note that the weeks without classes, we will be hosting camp fire discussions focusing on thymes related to the previous weeks workshop topics. Please note that these camp fires will only be held on the Friday slot, the Thursday slot will be dedicated to DGov team topics.

Please check out the following link with materials related to the first class.


GRAVITON GUIDE Step by step guide for mediation in DAOs

Finally, please see all Umbrella Team information and events on our Notion page here - Umbrella Initiative


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We hope to see as many of you there as possible.


So June 28 session moved to July 7th?