AragonDAC has Submitted their Flock Proposal

Check it out! :smiley:

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We, the Aragon DAC, are the second development team to begin building out core Aragon infrastructure. We would like to continue our efforts to improve the Aragon stack.

This Flock proposal outlines the development projects the Aragon DAC plans to tackle in the next 6 months.

We will spend 75% of our time continuing the development of:

15% of our time on new development projects:

  • Function Registry DAO
  • LiquidFunding & Liquid Democracy

And 10% of our time on developing a strong Aragon Ecosystem with these outreach projects:

  • Online Office Hour Appointments
  • In-Person Events

One of our long term goals is to build a sustainable consulting service into our community to bring outside funding into the improvement of the Aragon ecosystem and we will make important steps in that direction during these next 6 months.

To accomplish these objectives, we are requesting a 333,000 DAI one-time payment, plus 80,000 ANT with 1-year cliff and 4-year vesting period.

This is the first of many Flock proposals by the Aragon DAC. We hope to expand this team and spin out a user-focused Community R&D group in future Flock proposals to continue our mission to build the future of human collaboration with Aragon.