AragonCoop - Six Weeks after AGP-40 approval

The Aragon Cooperative is not reaching the objectives proposed in AGP-40, this post is intended to analyze the situation and bring options to the table in order to ammend this situation and commit to the responsibility that the Aragon Network put on us when approving such financial track AGP.


Few days after this bi-weekly report was published, the AragonCoop ended up in facing severe governance issues caused by poor coordination and collaboration among people that were leading the Coop operations and task execution, more specifically, about how to make use and distribute the granted funds (Workflow process). More details can be found here.

After that, there was an attempt to implement a new workflow which was approved (with ~40% of quorum & 90% of support) with the vote #26 on the mainnet DAO.

Since then 2 work proposals and 1 meta proposal have been submitted to vote, but none of them has been approved due to the lack of quorum. This can only be attributed to the poor engagement of the Coop members consequence of the failed attempts to build up a governance framework that would allow a proper collaboration between people that are willing to work on the proper constitution and deployment of the Aragon Cooperative.

As a result, we are (currently) facing an ungovernable situation, where both funds and operations seem to be in a frozen state, that we need to address urgently in order to fulfill the responsibility we held against the Aragon Network who allowed the allocation of such funds.

After weeks of deep thoughts about the above, I’m pretty convinced that our main mistake was in willing to create a governance framework with the received funds instead of assuring a minimal governance framework before getting such funds.

During the weeks when it was a clear governance tension, we have seen a founding member resigning to their AragonCoop membership, as well as informal proposals to return the funds back to the AN.

We have a binary decision to make in the short term then: Shall we give back the funds to the AragonNetwork or shall we reboot our efforts to build the AragonCoop we envisioned when we decided to be part of it?

Proposal: AragonCoop Organizational Stack Design & Deployment

As I feel myself responsible of the overall situation, I’m committing to make my best effort in amend it, this is why I have already submitted this Work/Meta proposal in order to make my last try in boost the autonomy and decentralization that the AragonCoop should have to run its operation and fulfill it purpose.

But we need to start by the very beginning, defining a proper purpose to which we all can identify with, align with a common vision we’d like to reach, which would set the proper fundaments to decide on the one or many misions that we would have in front of us. So from today and during the next 4 weeks I’ll be working on the design of (what I call) an organizational stack:

For doing this, I’m calling all AragonCoop members (and willing-to-be members) to have an interview so I can gather and aggregate everyone’s visions, feelings and ideas about the Coop. *If you identify yourself within this group, please go to this calendar and select the timeslot that fit you better.

I will be presenting the results of these research phase on a General Assembly (which date needs to be agreed yet by voting in this poll), so we can discuss it, and plan in consequence a vote that will determine the future of the Coop. In a nutshell, shall we make use of this funds to mantain and run the Aragon Coop or shall we give it back to the AN and gather the learnings of the lived process to ourselves?

Tagging here all those that have membership tokens as well as people that has manifested their will in becoming members.

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I’ll be sharing soon an online interview (probably monkey survey) in case there is someone that prefer sharing their feedback in such a way.

If someone wants to work together in the Organizational Stack design, I’ll be very open to collaboration! Just let me know so we can align on this.

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If anyone would like to discuss this, or any other CoopDAO related business, please join us for our weekly Co-Ops meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 18th June) 18:00 UTC. Agenda (barebones atm) and link details here:

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