aragonCLI v7 Released

Version 7 is mostly about refactoring and tidying up our code, so that we can introduce big changes in 2020. These changes are aimed to massively improve the developer experience of the entire aragonSDK.

The most significant refactor extracts business logic from Yargs commands into a new @aragon/toolkit package. This allows developers to use the aragonCLI programmatically. The @aragon/cli package is now merely a front end for the toolkit, and other front ends can be developed on top of the toolkit.

A big effort was also made to enforce TDD (test driven development), significantly increasing test coverage, and paving the way for the big changes in our road map.

Please read more about this release in our official aragonCLI v7 Release blog post.

We would like to invite the community to discuss about the future of the developer tools. with the whole SDK Working Group :raised_hands:


Awesome! Really excited to see and use all the cool stuff you guys are working on :slight_smile:

Hello, iā€™m a new user and i encounter some difficulty for installing aragon CLI. Where in this forum i can found help to install it, put the logs error and ask some tips? thanks in adavance

Hi @Elma great to know you would like to test the aragonCLI. I suggest you to look in this section of our developer documentation to make sure you have a few programs pre-requisites. Then if there is further question about it go ahead and ask them directly on #dev-help channel of Aragon chat

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