Aragon Wordpress Plugin

it would be nice to have an Aragon wordpress plugin so websites can easily integrate Aragon DAOs into their website so their users can enter the website DAO via their website wie ease :slight_smile:


Great suggestion @Mouyou. Given that there are 75 million websites using Wordpress (34% of all websites!), this could be a fantastic way to increase awareness of Aragon.

It would be great if you could expand in further detail on how you see this plugin working. What are some of the user cases you have in mind? And which Wordpress plugin category do you think would be most appropriate for this plugin?

This could be a nice one for the Nest program as an RFP.


so for the wordpress admin:

  • just a short code to implement DAO interface into the website so people don’t get redirected to Even better would be to have for each app a short code so people can just implement the crowdfunding App or the finance app into their sites. This would look even more professional and would be more user friendly cause the admin can then create separate sites for each Aragon app.
  • admin will configure the DAO in Aragon

for user:

  • able to join the DAO via email. they get automatically an ethereum address via email a link with instruction.

Tags would be very similar to this plugin


Do you have some thoughts on how best to accomplish this from a technical perspective?

@lkngtn might be of help here also given he previously used the api as a workaround solution for users that don’t yet have an Ethereum address.

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The team behind Abridged has an SDK that enables you to deploy a counterfactual contract wallet. I’m currently working with them on their Nest application, but this is super interesting because it ties into a lot of efforts throughout the Aragon ecosystem. There is a medium article overviewing the SDK if anyone is interested

Is it correct that I would need to pay 0.2$ to 0.6$ per for each user to onboard them with an Abridged Smart Contract Wallet? If this is the case this is too expansive. I am looking for just a button where people klick enter there email then they receive an email to set up their eth metamask wallet and thats it then they enter Aragon as a user. This would cost 0$.

What would be important is to have a option to lock funds for the user until s/he has a wallet. I would suggest to do this with a Ethereum test network where test tokens are stored for the user until s/he is online then he will receive the mainnet tokens.

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AFAIK that is 0.2$ to $.6 at an ETH price of $300. any time you do a transaction on Ethereum it will cost something, ofcourse when Arachain and Flora are online this will be reduced quite a bit. Flora will have a unique token that may allow for feeless transactions. But yea Ethereum is expensive


We don’t have this hosted anymore, but it was not a particularly difficult change. allows wallet management via google oauth (and some other oauth providers). If you have login with google as the only option for wordpress, you would be able to use to associate each address with an ethereum address, and send funds/tokens to that address even before the user has claimed them.

In order to support torus on Aragon longer term, I expect some additional work would be needed to support a wider range of web3 providers. I don’t have a clear answer in terms of what it would take to get a change like that merged upstream, but personally very interested in integration, especially for providers that do not require a browser extension.

We started to explore this solution, and from a cost perspective it may not be as bad as you think. Its possible to counterfactually deploy the wallet (so you get know the address), but not actually deploy the wallet until the user interacts, at which point it may be possible for the user to enter a credit card to pay for the transaction themselves.

The idea behind this is that you can have users accrue value from their interactions, but not necessarily go through the process of onboarding to web3 until the user has something valueable to claim. However, if you are sending tokens or other valuable things to the users wallet, you would likely still be covering those transactions which can be expensive even if you do not have to cover the cost of deploying the wallet.

Its an interesting design space and would love to see it explored more.