Aragon Voice Governance

The Aragon Team is excited to announce that the launch of Aragon Voice is nearing.

In this initial Beta release, we see Aragon Voice as being primarily used as a signalling tool - both for ANT and any other ERC20 token.

Over the coming weeks, we also envisage it being used for binding executions in addition to signalling. As such, we think it’s important to start thinking about a revamp to Aragon’s governance process (AGPs). Specifically, these also need to be updated to take into account the functionality provided by Govern and Aragon Court - neither of which were available to use when the AGP process was originally agreed.

Votes on Aragon Voice that relate to the Aragon project, Aragon association or ANT for the avoidance of doubt will initially be signalling votes only. These will inform the Aragon project on the direction in which the community would like to see Aragon go but will not constitute in any way a legally binding action on behalf of the Aragon Association, or the Aragon Network DAO as and when that launches.

An updated AGP process
We have created a draft proposal for a new AGP process that combines Aragon Voice, Aragon Court and optimistic governance so stay tuned!

Whilst Aragon Voice is in Beta and we are deciding on a governance structure to follow, we will be following a few rules from an Aragon perspective. We want to encourage as much voting as possible on Aragon Voice, so if you have a proposal that you would like to signal interest in please put it forward!


In the future will DOGE holder or other (BTC,XRP,BNB,LTC,ETC,XLM etc.) be able to create a DogeDAO/ DogeVoice with their Doges. It would encourage Doge holders to come together in groups and focus on projects/ideas how to create value for Doge holders and the world. If there would be 10 DogeDAOs and i hold 1000 Doge can I be part of all of them with my 1000 Doge to vote or if I join one with my 1000 Doge I can’t vote on the other DogeDAOs anymore? Would it be possible to stake/lock my Doge and get DogeDAO tokens in return? I imagine 100s of DogeDAOs each focussing on different topics and regions of the world working together for a better future. Having a Crowdfunding platform for DAOs (DogeDAOs) where they can get funding from the DOGE inflation for example and all Doge holders can vote on the best projects they want to support.

@Mouyou , although we don’t have clarity on when we would integrate with alternative chain, it is absolutely our desire to expand the support of Aragon to many other networks :slight_smile: