Aragon V2

For me Aragon V1 was just the Aragon Client with all the Apps. V2 would be Aragon Govern, Voice and the Client in one user interface. I imagine V2 like a social network for people to interact with other people, create and join DAOs, vote/create/comment on proposals and explore/follow DAOs. Each user can be a member (token holder) of many daos. Each DAO has its own profile similar to facebook where you can create groups or organisation sites.

Perhaps Aave with their idea to create a social network protocol on ethereum can help to create Aragon V2.


@Mouyou spot on… This is our plan moving forward… Govern and Voice by themselves are initial “experiments” regarding their functionalities, but the next step is to consolidate all features we have into a single super-powered digital organization creator/manager/explorer.