Aragon Ukraine Response WG Proposal

It is a client issue, we transfer the funds from the Association to the DAO. Client is currently not loading DTech and Mathias are trying to solve it.

All the payments are scheduled and can be sent as soon as the client page loads.

Payment 1 Ready to execute: Aragon Govern - Optimistic Governance for DAOs

Payment 2 to execute Tomorrow:

Would expect it to be solved in the next 24-48 hours. Apologies for the delay.


Hi @Anthony.Leuts @fartunov @AClay @lee0007 @GriffGreen

Short update:
Signers from the AA were able to sign again in Govern, so the funds are in AN DAO treasury.

However, Wallet connect on the side of Giveth is not working (devs are working on it but they don’t know for how long), therefore we are aiming to do a workaround.
Workaround: we send the transaction manually to Unchain fund address and share the Tx hash with Giveth so they can manually edit our donation in their database.

We will first conduct a $5 test transaction to see if everything works. If successful, we will send immediately the first 50k of USDC and the remaining 50k of USDC at the end of this week.


Thank you for the update Rick! cc: @revmiller

Happy to finally share a positive update!

The first 50k has been donated to the Unchain fund, proof: Transaction 0xe144b155b5552f926cdfba272224eaaceb32bd6afca76e25db1ade77e4fd66e6 - Gnosis Chain Explorer

Giveth team is manually editing us into their database so we are eligible for GIV tokens.

2nd 50k will be up for signing over the weekend and I will update you as well when it is successful.

@Anthony.Leuts @fartunov @AClay @lee0007 @GriffGreen @revmiller


Wonderful news!

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Thrilled to announce that we completed the 2nd 50k donation into the Unchain fund!

Proof:Transaction 0x07ff1acb114e68da40a329f1a48a8f06579b0fb317c05b894b5c3d0c7ae7337a - Gnosis Chain Explorer

We really hope that Aragon’s donation is supporting the noble work that the Unchain fund is doing!
@Anthony.Leuts @fartunov @AClay @lee0007 @GriffGreen @revmiller


Well done everyone! Super proud. <3