Aragon Ukraine Response WG Proposal

oh, I forgot to mention: I think the donation if chosen through Unchain Fund should be directed through GIVETH where rewards from GIVETH can be re-donated over time to continue the donation and increase the impact. GIVETH is HIGHLY reputable and their methodology of rewards for donations is incredible.


In agreement with Anthony here. I believe Voice is down for an update until tomorrow. As soon as we are able to put this Live, I am happy to post it with your agreement.

Sounds good to me unless anyone else wants to jump in!

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Results of Vote : Aragon Voice

@Anthony.Leuts, please confirm that AN DAO will make a 2x 50k USDC deposit (or 1x 100k USDC deposit) towards Unchain Fund, through Giveth.

Via this link: Unchain Fund<!-- --> | Giveth<!-- -->

Nice proposal all the way. No doubt AragonDAO is really making a change

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2 instalments over 2 months. @GriffGreen is it as easy as through that link? Thanks Griff.

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We would like to donate via our AN DAO wallet, which goes via Aragon Govern.
That wallet is not able to connect to the Giveth platform, would be great to hear a solution to still donate with that wallet via Giveth platform @GriffGreen

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Sadly, wallet connect is not working great with the DApp right now… There needs to be some thought put it with how to deal with smart contracts donating on Mainnet and then receiving GIV on Gnosis Chain… its not an easy problem to solve, but we are working on it!

To get around it for this first installment, I would suggest just sending to an EOA and then having the EOA move their GIVstream to the DAO.

It is important the EOA doesn’t Claim the stream themselves, otherwise they will not be able to move the stream to the DAO later… and it will be annoying.

So my suggestion:

  1. Send the funds to an EOA on a group call that one person manages and then have them create a profile (so the name comes on the leader board) and donate through the UI during the call.

  2. Wait for 1-3 weeks to get the GIVbacks (the round is 2 weeks and it takes about a week to get GIVbacks out after the round, depends on when you donate in the round).

  3. When GIVbacks are out, there is a function in the contract that will allow you to reassign the GIVstream called changeAddress() the person controlling the EOA can call it here: Contract 0xc0dbDcA66a0636236fAbe1B3C16B1bD4C84bB1E1 - Gnosis Chain Explorer

Here is what the function does:

NOTE! GIVbacks happen on Gnosis Chain… so you will need to have a DAO/multisig there to receive the GIVbacks… if Govern has a Gnosis Safe at it’s core, it is easy to redeploy it with the same address on Gnosis Chain.

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Nomination: As a funded S1 proposal the author and team are eligible for up to 3k reward under the S1 ESD Scout Program. @Anthony.Leuts if you would like to apply for funding and nominate contributors the process to apply is provided here cc @daniel-ospina @fartunov


Thanks Renee and ESD team, I have messaged the Ukraine Response group to see who wants to be a part of applying. I will definitely apply and have notified the group about this to be transparent.


@Ricktik6 can we please get an update on deploying the funds

Thank you @GriffGreen for proposing a solution, really appreciate it.

However, I won’t choose the aforementioned as ideal solution (due to transparency and complexity reasons)

I would rather suggest that we will use one of our Gnosis Safe multisig wallets (ESD or OPS Safe).

As we are probably shifting towards delegated voting, the OPS safe will probably more sustainable than the ESD safe. Therefore, I suggest that we connect that Safe (via Wallet connect) with Giveth and do the 2 payments of 50k (one in June & one in July).
@AClay @Anthony.Leuts @lee0007 @fartunov


Can we move forward on this? Since it was a Main DAO proposal, probably the OPS multisig makes more sense…based on @GriffGreen input the transfer has to happen on Gnosis Chain - let’s spin up an OPS multisig there and get moving - we might have to be cautious on the bridging as the addresses are not equivalent across chains


Thank you for the necessary push @fartunov, below a brief expected timeline:

This week - A new Gnosis safe (OPS) on the gnosis chain will be made & funds will be prepared to send over to the wallet (funds transfer has a 5 day delay).

next week - first 50k will be sent via the new wallet.

Early July - second 50k will be send via the new wallet (early July as a 50k split payment was asked in the proposal)

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hey everyone, i’m Rev, co-founder @ Unchain Fund, and also contributor @ UkraineDAO. would love to thank Aragon fam for your support and care! it means a world! and we’ll keep on fighting for human freedom and web3 / DAO adoption together!

huge love and respect, Aragon fam. in DAOs we trust!


Hi Rev! Apologies the transfer is taking so long, it seems @Ricktik6 is confirming it for next week?

Thank you for the amazing work you are doing, we are thrilled to support Ukraine, Unchain Fund, and other amazing DAOs in the ecosystem in this difficult time.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at anytime and thank you again!


A brief update @fartunov & @Anthony.Leuts :
I have been in contact with the Giveth team, new safe(s) are set-up, and we are now in the signing phase.

I will give an update when the first 50k has been sent (still this week or early next week)


Again an update @fartunov @Anthony.Leuts @revmiller :
Funds from AA towards AN DAO are scheduled a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately due to a bug in Aragon Client, the last signer can’t sign…

So there will be some delay, but everything else that we can prepare for now, like streaming the payments towards the Gnosis chain & scheduling transactions in Govern is done.

So after this is fixed we can proceed quickly!

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Hey! Can we get a full breakdown of how this is being fixed and what time frame and tag the relevant people?

There is literally a war happening, we raised the funds and promised allocation and it hasn’t happened.

We need a date it should be fixed by and the money sent and the relevant parties notified.

I know not your fault necessarily, but please, let’s push this asap.

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