Aragon Templates Permissions Diagrams

With the number of templates fast increasing in the last sprint towards the release of 0.8 and the addition of external partner templates (such as Pocket DAO, Apps DAO etc…) it is becoming imperative to provide first time users as well as DAO architects simple charts and tools to visualise how a DAO template works and leverages Aragon OS.

The goal is to map out how each template’s default permissions are initialised to help users choose the right fit, understand how the permission system works in a more intuitive way, and help mechanism and dao designers fast iterate on DAO designs by simply visualising/printing such a default set up and sketching “on pen and paper” how variations would look like changing permissions or adding/substituting apps.

Here below is a first draft of the default templates to be included in 0.8. I apologise for any omissions or errors in transcribing from the permissions matrix to these flowcharts and welcome your corrections/suggestions for a more intuitive understanding. Iterations in mind are to include initialisation parameters for each template in addition to the permissions map (as is done here for the trust template) and finding a way to represent forwarding actions. At the end of the post a general poster for printing in A2 (versus A4 for fast iteration on one template set).

I could not find permission set ups for TPS Apps/Espresso/Livepeer/1Hive etc… I would be happy to flesh out such flowcharts if this info is provided here or in PM.

In the long term with help such charts could be rendered in a smooth, intuitive and beautiful design for inclusion in Aragon tutorials or as a hover over displayed visualisation while selecting a template during DAO creation.
Have a nice day and ANV vote :slight_smile:



Hey @DanielS these look great!

Wondering where the source of truth is that you used for these? Specifically the company with board template, as I can visually see that there are some issues with the permissions and want to validate whether the problem is with the diagram, template, or some other reference file.

Also is it possible to share the source files?


Hey @lkngtn Thanks for the quick reply, I was suspecting I fucked up someplaces :slight_smile:
Here is the source used:
And the file:


This is awesome! I’m actually looking at doing something similar to explain all the 1Hive DAOs. The goal mainly to help communicate what the DAO is to the outside world and new users, but also to help devs debug when they mess up permissions and things aren’t quite working as intended. Are you still working on refining these models and/or would you want to sync up and collaborate to build similar charts for 1Hive?

Also, was there a particular reason you chose to go with vs Figma or other tools?

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Thanks for your kind feedback, if you’re in Berlin for BBW let’s sync up there for 1Hive DAOs and general improvements! Else let’s do it after the storm has passed :slight_smile: As for using Miro was just out of habit

I will not be in Berlin. Happy to sync up async whenever tho :slight_smile:

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For reference, there is now an automated way to turn a permissions graph into an UML-like graph:

It relies on a “permissions descriptor” format in yml (see github).