Aragon team - flow retreat on the private island - presale, proposal, pitchdeck


  • I wanted to buy a house in London
  • COVID happens
  • World shifts online
  • Realizing that buying and island surrounded by nature is way more exciting
  • Put together a webstite:
  • And a pitch deck:
  • And a primary customer: company retreats for high performing teams

It is still work in progress. I do not own the island yet. It is “presale, proposal, pitchdeck” but totally withing reason…

INSPIRATION: Flow Genome Project video:

I was on the call with the other guys - doing market research - saw your logo on the website:

I’m inviting you to come to the island.

I’m inviting you to make a prepayment to make it happen.

I’m inviting you to stay for 2 weeks.

Why 2 weeks?

  • the nearest airport is in Tallinn (capital of Estonia), it’s not super easy to get on the island
  • medical authorities suggest 2 weeks quarantine. So if we all get infected on day 1, by the end all cleared

There are still many moving parts, many unknowns. I’m starting cashflow first, have some experiences from my church - - and I was too focused on the mission “heal the planet” whilst sacrificing/forgetting that companies do not run on karma or good vibes.

14 days * 50 people * $300 per day * 50% super-duper-prepayment-discount = $115.5k

That’s more than 1/10 of the asking price for the island.

I’m hoping this post is not too much shill. I’m offering a sensible option, something you are already buying, being totally tranparent, open source, antifragile.

Book a call: or simply discuss on this thread…

Open to feedback, comments, recommendations.

Hey mars, you have been shilling this island hard for a while now and I do think it’s cool (if it ever happens). have you considered the fact that your very flat looking island will probably be underwater within the next couple of decades?

are you really asking this AA/A1 to give you $115.5k (of the networks money) for the previlage of maybe, some day, spending 2 weeks there!!!

Shilling hard, that’s for sure, this has became my 100% focus, full attention, highest priority.

Climate change - this is a secure location, well adapted to climate change.

Raising sea levels - this will be addressed in the planning application (there is already an existing one but will need to be updated).

Besides I’m considering buildings portable. See the detailed legal structure:

If all the buildings are portable, they can be moved to another location, company that owns the land is a different company that owns the buildings.

Financial logistics

Richard Branson can charge whatever he wants because he has the brand:

I never use the word “give”. I never really use word “ask”. I’m focusing on offering value and presenting sensible business proposal.

I provided financial estimates at $300 per day simply because other high-end places charge this type of figure:

Everything is fully transparent. Everything is open-source. Everything is on the website / pitch deck / Github issues.

There are some things that not open-source: negotiation with the owner, local government planning permission and environmental agency about birds nesting season restriction.

I really wish I could do this open-source too but 3D world preserves some privacy…

Sent couple of emails to the government officials and summarized the question on Twitter:

Very valid concerns. I’m the problem-solving mode, each challenge portrays an opportunity of the equal size…