Aragon Swag Store DAO

I would like to create an Aragon Swag Store DAO where everyone can submit designs and ideas for Aragon Swags and upvote/ curate the products. If this works it could be used as a template for other communities. Users who work/participate get rewarded with ASS(AragonSwagStore Token) which they can use to get discount on the AragonSwagStore and use it to vote. You can upvote with ANT and ASS. All ANT have 50% voting power and all ASS also 50%. Both token together have 100%. So if 100% of ANT are pro and 50% of ASS are pro then total would be 75% pro for the proposal. Just a rough idea. I would like to hear your suggestions.


Hi there, Mouyou! Thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile:

I have a question - how would you envision the “product offering” of such DAO store, as well as logistics entailed?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts as we had some discussion within the team regarding producing swags to giveaway on our future events and initiatives - personally, I’m concerned about the amount of waste we can create (think of how many stickers, t-shirts and water bottles we get after attending a conference) as well as the carbon footprint attached to shipping.

We haven’t reached an agreement yet within the team, but I’d love to hear your thoughts (as well as other community members) on this :bulb:


I love unique art. So my suggestion is to empower artist all over the world to create the design the community voted for locally from second hand products or repaired products. So artist can apply to the DAO and the artist then ship the art to the address of the buyer which can get direct contact with the artist. If there is a dispute then we have aragaon court :slight_smile: I would suggest 60% of the revenues goes to the artist, 20% to the designers and 20% to the ASS DAO. The Artist/designers get ASS and the buyer also. For each 10$ spent 10 ASS will get distributed. 50% to the artist/designers and 50% to the buyer.

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i imagine as a customer if i go to the swag store i can choose the design i like. then i can put in my location and i see all the artist sorted by location next to me which have created a security deposit in crypto (ETH or ANT or ASS or any other liquid token) in case of a dispute. I choose a design and an artist and then i will get a price. i pay the price into a smart contract (automatically converted into USDC) and the artist can start creating the product. Once i received the product the money get distributed to the artist, the designer and the DAO and the ASS also get automatically distributed to all parties. If there is a problem then the case goes to the aragon court.

If I am an artist i can choose Designs i can do and feel comfortable with. Then i think how long it takes for me and the price i charge for buying the second hand product + artifying it + shipping cost and put the information in for each design. I then make a security deposit in case of disputes. Now the customers can choose me and see how much i charge. All the additional % for the DAO and designers get calculated and displayed to the customer.

Hey, fam! Really nice initiative. I have some designs ideas for this exclusive merch store.

All these designs are base on t-shirts as the main base, but for sure are completely extrapolate to every type of wear (pants, snap caps, etc…).

Really love the idea of creating a swag store, select a exclusive design - artist and create a smart contract. Let’s continue discussing this idea, we can create a nice landing page with all the merch available and some of the narrative of this project.

Govern Better, Together (70’s style)

Aragon Pop Art

Fight for freedom

Fight for freedom (Fluor style)

The Aragon Manifesto

Aragon Blossom

Fight for freedom, Eagle.

Governance for everyone

Aragon Colors

Fight for freedom (urban style)


ASS Logo


For now, I would suggest keeping the governance really simple and just having a small team run the project using Aragon Govern (so anyone holding ANT can schedule proposals and anyone can challenge in Court). My fear is that a separate token would have low liquidity and would require extra development, which is fine for later but maybe not needed to start?

The DAO can then keep a small % of each sale (on top of what the artists/designers get) and add this fee to the treasury to buy ANT. Then distribute that ANT between those who contribute to the project’s core infrastrucutre.

As a DAO agreement, I would reference the Aragon DAO Agreement (coming soon), Community Guidelines (also coming soon), and the Aragon Manifesto, plus a few details about the project and its intention.

Just suggesting ideas, cool project!


I like it also simple and a small team. I think a project-token is really important to incentivise early participants and fund development. I am not afraid of low liquidity cause its not a pump and dump. I agree that ANT holders can create proposals, vote on them and challenge proposals in the court. 50/50 voting power between ANTs and ASSs.

I think this would be a future proposal.

I think this will be also in a future proposal.

my rough plan is:

  1. Set up the projectDAO to mint project tokens and distribute them to users who work for the DAO
  2. Create milestones and propose them to the DAO
  3. vote to fund the milestones through minting project-tokens based on a milestone&level-bonding-curve
  4. You do one milestone you will receive the project-tokens locked in this milestone. If you want to exchange your project-token to DAI then deposit the tokens into a contract linked to the bonding-curve price of the token and someone else can send DAI into the contract and receive the token.
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