Aragon Sub-Forums / DAO-Forums

What about creating sub-forums which is linked to the aragon Main forum so having multiple forums connecting to aragon forum? I can imagine having the DAO Forums which are linked to the Aragon Forum. One login for all forums / one profile for all forums / one Aragon ID to all sites. So with one login I can subscribe to different sub-Forums and those forums can talk to each other so for example if there is a DAO Forum A and DAO Forum B and then there is the Curation DAO Forum then the information form DAO Forum A and DAO Forum B can be automatically update the Curation DAO Forum.

I see forums more like social networks where the community of aragon and aragon daos come together socialize communicate share etc.

would be nice if i could be able to buy a sub forum if i stake a minimum ammount of ANT. If my DAO sub Forum gets bigger i have to stake more ANT to get more resources (cpu, ram etc.)

Perhaps people can build different user interfaces on top of the forum. so i could have a forum which looks like twitter or reddit and its just a UI to interact with the forums.

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It sounds like what you’re describing is kind of like SourceCred: a protocol that allows connected nodes to share and create value with each other - and as they do participants earn tokens in those nodes. This is based on a page rank algorithm so larger nodes can have smaller nodes that can have smaller nodes, and it can all connect and flow value up and down the graph. Nodes all the way down.

If that’s kind of what you were thinking, then awesome! The key to that working, however, is the back-end algorithm. Aragon DAOs aren’t really equipped to do this currently because the apps haven’t been built and the processing power of Ethereum isn’t there. SourceCred, as an independent protocol that runs off-chain, however, can process large amounts of data. Might explore a SourceCred sandbox within the Aragon forum to test it out :slight_smile:

Regarding UIs and resources and things… Discourse is an open source UI. Don’t see how Reddit and Twitter would integrate, however. Also, we don’t have the bandwidth or time to develop a network of forums. SourceCred, however, is developing plugins for many channels (Discord, Discourse, Twitter, etc…) so that way (in the future) the SourceCred algorithm could unify contributions across channels and allocate rewards/reputation accordingly. Atm Discourse is low hanging fruit because it’s fully open source, fully integrates with SourceCred, and is hosted by Aragon so we have complete control over it.

Does that kind of address your idea, or not really? lol

thats nice this is better then i have imagined :slight_smile:

I was thinking have a twitter or reddit like interface. so it just looks like twitter or reddit. It is just a different interface instead of the standard Discourse UI.

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The Discourse UI is very flexible. If you really wanted you could probably make that happen. The Aragon forum, however, uses a custom theme that uses the Aragon colors and styling.


Yeah it’s pretty cool :slight_smile: Btw if you have any questions about SourceCred or how it works feel free to reach out here or on the SourceCred forum. The protocol itself is kind of complex, but the main idea is that as people engage and contribute the SourceCred algorithm will automagically measure those contributions. Then it will distribute Cred (reputation/rewards) for contributors based on the value they created.

The SourceCred algorithm is run off-chain because of the high computation bandwidth required, but projects like CreDAO are exploring how to sync SourceCred scores computed off-chain to tokens on-chain in an Aragon DAO. Then you could contributing here like you already do, but then earn tokens that you could use to do cool stuff in a DAO.

I see discourse becoming a decentralized forum network made out of multiple forums which are connected all into one interface. I can see one discourse ID / login with which i can access all forums which enabled the ID and then everyone can choose the interface they want to use like Twitter for example and there I can build my individual forum network where I can subscribe to forums and add friends. people can add also add a social feed to their own forum and they can link forums and thread to other forums threads so there can be categories and threads existing on multiple forums.

Forums / discourse have different apps like wordpress plugins which you can install and activate like SourceCred or Aragon etc. I thins discourse will be huge like wordpress

Yeah that could be cool. I’d recommend dropping into the Discourse Meta Forum to discuss :slight_smile: