Aragon SSO: Aragon single sign-on identity provider

In web3 (or at least in Aragon DAOs) we usually use addresses to identify users and tokens to identify groups. This works very well within web3, as we can provide permission to a specific group of users using a Token Manager and/or a Voting app.

In Web 2.0 there are many SSO protocols that allow to connect different websites with an unique identity, such as OpenID Connect and SAML, and there are many open-source server implementations, such as Gluu and Auth0. Auth0 already has developed a SSO that bridges Ethereum.

There are many web 2.0 sites that support Single Sing-on:

Aragon could provide a SSO server that bridges Web 2.0 sites with Ethereum authentication. What’s more, it could limit the access to certain places to only users with a certain token. This way, members of a DAO would have automatic access to DAO’s Loomio discussion, or members of a DAO committee would have access to a Wordpress admin panel.

What do you think? Would it be an interesting service for the members of this community?


To confirm, this would require that Aragon design, develop, and bring to market another SSO mechanism correct?

Also, have you heard of Ceramic? They’re already doing this, and more. It’s still early days, but I’d it would make more sense to work to integrate Aragon with their solution than to roll our own.


This from Curve Labs also seems relevant: