Aragon request market

A place to request apps and invest in Apps. People invest ANT in Apps (App tokens bonding curve) they need and stake App tokens to install the App.

It would be similar to I imagine. People who need an Aragon App can invest ANT in an App Request and all other people who want this app invest ANT too. Those people get App tokens in return for their ANT investment (bonding curve). Then developer can hunt those App Request and then the people who hold App tokens can vote on the people who developed the app. The more likes an App developer has the more App tokens s/he will get from the App fund.

If you want to install an App you need the App token for that. so you sell ANT and in return you get the App token (bonding curve). Then you need to stake the token. If you don’t need the app anymore you can sell your App tokens back to ANT at any time.

Within Apps (App DAOs) there can be bounties as well. Everyone can create a new request within an App DAO and then stake App tokens behind it. The more stake the higher the priority. Those requests get funded through the profits the bonding curve is making and the App token holders decide how much of the App DAO profits should be allocate to bounties each month. All Bounties will be listed on the Bounty Marketplace and can be tracked by the Milestone App.


How would this staking work?

This gives me déjà vu!

The first thing I ever read by @lkngtn was his district0x proposal outlining Apiary. Aragon Blacks fundraising app was based on these ideas.

Coming to think about it, this was way before Vitalik coined the term DAICO. Luke dosnt get anywhere near enough credit for this and a bunch of other theoretical work. Anyway I digress :laughing:

Comming back to my déjà vu. Reading about Apiary, I imagined a future where you might have an idea, but not all the technical skills or team or money to execute. Your idea may be crap (lets be real most are) but in there is most definitely some great ideas out there that will never come to fruition because there is no means and opportunity for them to flourish.

This platform would give the opportunity for these ideas to come to fruition while at the same time programmatically protect investors. I know this seems like it’s inevitable and obvious today but back then the ICO boom was just taking shape.

It was ideas like these and the smart, ideologically alligned people I met in this community that
A. Convinced me DAOs were the future of human collaboration (way before DAOs were fashionable I might add😝)
B. Gave me such a love and passion for this Community

I have been re thinking about this problem since Fundraising hit rinkeby. I have the kernel of an idea for platform based on fundraising enabled DAO templates, when it’s solidified up a bit more I’ll share it.

I say all that because @Mouyou you often throw out ideas in this forum. Alot of the time they are very terse but still there are some real gems in there!


if you have for example 100 ANT you get 100 Staking tokens for 30 days. those staking token you can stake and after 30 days another screenshot of all tokens is made and people can claim those tokens again but they are only valid 30 days after that they have no utility anymore

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