Aragon Protocol / optimistic DAO Chains?

we do see the potential for new crypto protocols to be built first in English with Aragon Protocol, and only after there’s some traction, to make the investment to code up a robust protocol. Very rarely an early product or protocol fails because its code is not good enough, but many times because the idea sucks or it is not able to iterate fast enough. We believe Aragon Protocol can help crypto protocols iterate faster, and we are testing it for governance with Aragon Govern.

Another stab at the OVM*

It is theoretically possible to build an actual “Aragon Chain” protocol based on the Ethereum yellowpaper running on top of Aragon Protocol, where state transitions are handled optimistically. If someone sees a block that’s illegitimate, they could create a dispute and have Aragon Protocol check whether it followed the protocol (yellowpaper).

Cross-chain optimistic bridging*

It may also be theoretically possible to complete a similar process described above to sync block/bridge contract state hashes from a sidechain back to Ethereum. Aragon Protocol would protect withdrawals (only allowing them when someone triggered them on the other side of the bridge) on Ethereum, where most of the native value lives.

*Disclaimer: early research and subject to change.
source: From Aragon Court to Aragon Protocol

I think this is very interesting!
What are the benefits having an optimistic chain?
Are there no transaction cost only if there are disputes?
How many transactions per seconds?
Could Aragon provide DAOs with optimistic side chains in case DAOs want to become a dApp?
For example if a DAO wants to create/fork dApps for its community /token holders and reward them for their participation in those dApps with its token.
Perhaps DAO optimistic chains can select their own Chain Guardians and secure themselves on the Aragon optimistic chain.

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