Aragon price lately

So not trying to spread any FUD however it seems like there’s bearly any community here on Reddit and the price of ANT is currently at $1.45… I believe the ico price was roughly $2/ANT??

Also there’s no news of other exchanges adopting it either since there almost no interest or noticible trade volume…now the question is - Are there anything interesting happening in the background that people should know

Token sale price was $0.90 and the community here is as strong as ever.

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Hey @johnsmith101,

Thanks for sharing your concerns!
Aragon teams have been hard at work in the past months and amazing tech has been shipped. In 2020, product market fit will be a major focus. This will be a key step for Aragon to accrue more value.

Regarding liquidity, the Aragon Association is actively working on it so that more users can get their hands on ANT during the ANJ activation period. Maybe @joeycharlesworth can provide some more details.


2020 now

2017 here:

I am full of awe and admiration watching Aragon ability to ship, as well as many real-life use cases.


I will buy a small portion of ANT to convert into ANJ and participate in the Court.

Full support.

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Hey @johnsmith101 - we’re working hard on improving the liquidity of ANT. Over the past few weeks, we have engaged Keyrock to help us reduce the spread for ANT across various markets and they’ve been doing a great job so far. Lots of other exciting partnerships happening that we will formally announce in due course.