Aragon Outreach

Decentralized Autonomous Outreach?

As the Aracon AGP has been rejected, I am curious what the community sees as a way forward on this matter: community outreach.

My take is that I don’t believe it is necessary to have a full fledged Aracon every year, if at all, for a few reasons:

  1. It only enables the most financially comfortable to participate. And I say this knowing that the last Aracon was fairly cheap due to Aragon trying to help those who couldn’t afford it. Still, it’s one location in the world where most have to fly to so realistically many many, many people can’t afford this. Personally, I’m here because I want to see the project in the hands of non-tech people, from all social classes. I know it’s still a bit early for that, but still, conceptually they could give inspiration and feedback, also get excited about starting to leverage Aragon for their needs.

  2. It slows down the decentralization of Aragon. This project is relatively decentralized as it is, but there’s a fair mount of critics around how the founders have too great influence over the project. I really like the founders influence personally, but I think it should be minimized where possible and strategic. This does not represent a technical centralization, but of narrative and communication.

  3. It’s expensive with somewhat low ROI (not necessarily financial). The first Aracon was awesome don’t get me wrong. I’d go as far as to say the Devcon could learn a thing or two from the team that organized Aracon.

So what then? I’d love to see smaller events, more regular, more widespread and… in more languages. Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese particularly comes to mind as those languages are used in countries that in my view, could definitely leverage Aragon for positive social impact. That could take the shape of meetups, but probably shouldn’t be exclusively that. There could be presentations at universities, various organizations, maybe governments (they aren’t necessarily the enemy…), etc.

How? Honestly not sure what shape this should take. Maybe there could probably be a yearly vote for budget allocation, as well as of a community member in charge of the distribution of these funds (maybe co-lead with the association as a precaution, dunno). Curious to read the perspective of other members of the community.


This would be great! More community engagement and outreach, esp on a global level, is really something that we need to work on. Is this something you’re interested in leading the charge on, potentially organizing a meetup or presentation in your area? If so, what kind of support would you want to make that happen?

In the future maybe there could be an EventsDAO or something with coordinators who have experience hosting events and stuff, but immediately we have the CFDAO. It’s pretty simple in that anyone can request funds to small projects or events. Would a program like this be enough to help you get started?

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I am unfortunately not in a position to organize an Aragon event, only able to discuss what and how we could make some great things happen.

Indeed, the CFDAO seems like a perfect fit to fund such outreach projects and indeed if this gets big enough an EventsDAO could be a great option.

Ok cool. So then I’d imagine you’re someone who would like to attend Aragon related events such as meetups, hackathons, and presentations? If so, what types of small events would be of the most interest and why?

I’m simply someone who wants to see Aragon succeed, and votes accordingly.

I would like to see a diverse set of events in a diverse set of geographical locations organized by a diverse set of people. We probably can’t get all this in one go but that’s what I’d eventually like to see happen.

Why isn’t this happening already could be an interesting question. Another one could be why are we not seeing content in other languages but English today? The forum should probably have a section for other languages, and a moderator for each (to… moderate and to relay to the English speaking community the insights of those conversations, and vice-versa). If we don’t have much interest for this right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not useful; it might mean that we’re in an echo chamber though.

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If there’s a specific event in a specific place that comes to mind, please circle back to share :slight_smile:

Agree that it would be great to make the Aragon community as welcoming as possible to as many people as possible. Is there a specific language that you would like to see represented? Also, is there a translation engine/service you would recommend for the website, forum, or other Aragon related things?

I think an Aragon Ambassador program would work very well, or an EventsDAO as @burrrata was pointing out


We have an ambassador program?

We do not, but I think we should


This sounds cool and potentially much higher leverage than a conference in any case. Do you know of any other similar programs in the crypto or OSS space?


I think most blockchain projects have some kind of “ambassador” program, but the actual scope of these programs varies widely. Would be great to identify 2 or 3 really good ones and learn from them :slight_smile:

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