design proposal

I like the new design! I am missing a tab called Apps. I think Aragon Apps are essential for the ecosystem similar important like jurisdiction or tokens. only because of the aragon apps people will use aragon. similar to the apps on ios. without apps no one would have an iphone.

Also here a link to the Aragon Apps would be really helpful.


What do you think about a menu called Tools? Inside that, we could detail apps or even Agreements (the Court)

I think this is confusing. i would just name it apps, this is clear and simple people will find it and understand.

I like a Menu with symbols. i am a visual guy.

But perhaps I dont understnd what you meant with a menu called tools? could you send a sketch of your idea?

I would love to see an Aragon App store :slight_smile:

When i am on the token site it would be nice to put a buy button. Only on a second look i see the exchanges. i thing this is too subtle

I think there should be a DAO launchpad button on all sites

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Why are those both seperated. for me they shoud be together in one paragraph. Aslo “powerd by Aragon” is too obvious. i mean you wouldn’t list communities which are not powered by aragon would you?

In general if i look at it via my laptop it seems too big for me. i would love little bit more space its too zoomed in for me. For old people its probably great to read but i would like it smaller the text to get more an overview feeling then an overwhelming feeling when i look through a magnifier. Also I like it as well. Perhaps it would be nice if on the left there would be a site related topic scroller so in this way i get both the overview feeling and the detail zoomed in feeling. Perhaps you see the bar if you hover with you mouse on the left.

When I am on the Token site the topics are: ANT, Aragon DAOs, Placeholder, Aragon Court, Aragon Chain & FAQs.

The first sentence is: “Where governance, services, and value meet”

I don’t understand that. I would want to know what is ANT and if i read this i don’t get it. I would say: Aragon Network Token, the key to govern Aragon.

The next thing i want to know is what can I do with ANT?
Govern the network (vote on changes) (one paragraph)
, exchange for Aragon services like the Aragon court (one paragraph)
exchange for aragon chain (one paragraph)

And then who thinks aragon is great and why (testmonials)

and at the end where can i buy aragon

and footer FAQs

This is only my opinion and i only want to give inspiration

When I am on Community i would say something like Aragon, owned and controlled by the community

Where is the community?
the links to all the sites

I want to know how the community owns and controls Aragon.
So next thing would be the AGPs and the AGP process.

Then I want to know the goals of the community.
So the next thing is the manifesto and perhaps a personal aragon story about the start

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Is this all great feedback!! We will work on it and circle back :slight_smile:

What about if the upper boarder looks like

if there are more and more apps in the aragon client then it gets more and more messy so i propose a submenu with notification symbols for new events. Perhaps everyone can create their own folder names with icons they like and put apps they think fit inside it. As soon as I login with my metamask or other login option into the aragon launchpad i will see my profile with all DAOs i am part of and see the notifications whats going on in my DAOs.

Hey hey!

Many things here:

  • We will install a Buy button on the ANT page soon
  • We will also have a “See all FAQs” section too
  • Agree on having a button with a clear call to action in all pages, but I’d say either launch a DAO or join a DAO would work
  • We should definitely add a DAO stats button below stats, noted!
  • The token page certainly needs to be clearer

Again, super valuable feedback!!

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I like the DAO site especially the diagram i think it should be on the top. everyone knows what a company is and then they can compare it. Perhaps an interactive diagram would be good so people can click on it if they want to learn more

Looking at this I was thinking about a web3 browser. I was thinking that each DAO needs a front end and a back end. The front end of the DAO is a web page and the back end is Aragon. So I am browsing websites and some websites are controlled by a DAO which I can see if on the right upper corner the Aragon symbol is activated and than I can click on it and the page flips and I see the back end (Aragon)

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uhh i love the new aragon sites !

for me it makes more sense if this is not in the “pruduct” tab but in the “community” tab.

I don’t get the purpose of the “product” tab. It’s confusing to me the difference between “Product” and “Services”. Would name “Product” “Launchpad” and focus on explaining the Aragon Launchpad / Client

I like the drop down menus a lot! I would have a drop down for the “Launchpad” tab with “Apps” and “Tamplates” and the tab “community” with a drop down as well with “Users” and “social media”

I would take the “Origins Born of necessity” and “Aragon Association” out of the “Community” tab and put this to the front page of aragon and i would also put some diagrams to the front page as well like “How does it compare? DAO / Company” and perhaps a Diagram which shows the governance of Aragon. I think the front page should be an overview of Aragon.
So the front page would have one part of the Story of Aragon (Origins Born of necessity) another part of “What is a DAO?” (DAO / Company Diagram) another part would be explaining how Aragon is working ("Aragon Association + governance Diagram) and then one part “Launchpad” one part “Services” one part “tokens” and one part “Community”. Perhaps its too much but it could be make small with just each part with a topic and one sentence description and a link. like

Explore Aragon Communities and their stories (link to community tab drop down users)
Discover Aragon social media (link to “community” tab drop down social media)

I like if websites are very simple and have a clear structure which gets reflected in every page, so like a book with chapters and the front page is an exiting visual overview/directory of the book, so the user gets exited to read all pages. S/he sees the front page and through this clean structure s/he has immediately the overview of the hole website in the head. If something is easy like a children book people are more motivated to see all pages because it’s simple and effortless to do so. if it’s arty and exiting and simple to understand than people want to see everything. So it’s like a movie trailer. Not so much text more visual (easy diagrams) pictures and gifs.

i have many rinkeby daos created and i forgot the names of the daos, would be nice if aragon would show me all the DAOs i hold token of when i click on “open organization”

when i vote and i have 100% of all tokens and i accept the vote why does it still pending? I think thats useless if 100% voted yes.